Do! The Science Museum

Looking for a summer activity for an inevitable rainy London day? Head to The Science Museum before September 3rd and check out the Robots exhibit. The entire museum is an absolute must-do, but the latest exhibition that covers the last 500 years of robot evolution, is truly impressive and fascinating for both children and adults.

The Science Museum in London’s Kensington

The Science Museum, located in Kensington, is generally free, like all London museums, with charges only for the IMAX theater and some special exhibits. The place is jam-packed with everything science, so (especially if you’re bringing kids) you’ll do just fine popping in on a limited, free visit. The exhibitions run about £15 for adults, but still free for children under 11. If you choose this season’s feature, you’ll learn all about robots!

The evolution of the robot has moved fast and furious in the past hundred years. From basic factory arms, to full on robot companions that were originally just concepts in movies, it’s all at The Science Museum. You can even check out the current robots on the market to purchase yourself an at home buddy. There are logical partners for mental stimulation, robots that respond to touch, and ones suited to entertain your toddler! The future is here, everyone! 

A funny little face at The Science Museum, London

A little baby robot at London’s Science Museum

So, if you want to get a sneak peak at the future friends that may someday be in every household, or just learn about the history and science behind robots, head to The Science Museum this month. And, remember, all year long, The Science Museum is home to amazing, visually stunning exhibitions. Check it out!

A great big world at London’s Science Museum

The Science Museum
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2DD

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