Do! The Prince Bonaparte 

After yesterday’s disappointing pub experience at The Mitre, let me tell you about a better pub/restaurant in the West London area.

The Prince Bonaparte is a spacious corner pub, perfect for a lively Happy Hour, a weeknight meal, or a Sunday roast. The place has a classic charm with nice large windows and a sharp blue exterior. The smart Art Deco font labeling the restaurant completes the perfect entrance to this fun gastropub.

The menu, like the easy location and spacious venue, is also accommodating to all. The place is comfortable and there’s something for everyone. I’ve never had a bad meal when dining on their simple classics like a cheeseburger or fish and chips. And their toffee pudding is amazing. Second in the neighborhood to the Ladbroke Arms, but pretty amazing.

A Bonaparte burger, London

A London classic at The Prince Bonaparte

My only complaint from my last visit was the bathroom. It was very dirty and smelled horrible. A few of us girls took trips there throughout the night and it never got better. No one from the staff ever checked on the situation, which (you would think) would be part of their regular duties.

That’s just a small strike, though. Overall, The Prince Bonaparte is a lovely pub worth a visit with your partner, folks, colleagues, friends…


The Prince Bonaparte 
80 Chepstow Road
London W2 5BE

Do! Manuka Kitchen

If you ever find yourself hungry in Fulham, there’s a delightful little eatery right on Fulham Road. Fulham is not always an ideal dinner choice from Notting Hill if you plan on taking the tube, but by car it makes for an easy night out in a different neighborhood. To park, I drive through the bustling center until it gets a little more residential. There, I can easily find free parking down one of the side streets.

Once parked and headed back to Fulham Road on foot, you come upon Manuka Kitchen–a cozy little eatery with minimalist, bistro decor. The name plays on the world’s obsession with the Down Under Manuka honey, which makes many appearances on the Manuka Kitchen menu.

Back of the house views at Manuka Kitchen, London

We dined on a quiet weekday night, but I hear the place can get pretty slammed during weekend brunch hours. I didn’t mind the chill atmosphere, as it made for a relaxing catch-up with my girlfriends and allowed me to really observe the staff and open kitchen.

The chef seemed to be Canadian, and was really the only person on point in the establishment. While the food was delicious, and the price was right, the servers seemed a little oblivious. It entertained me to watch the chef from the kitchen constantly reminding the young waitresses to check the tables and refill water glasses. He must have reminded them 6 times while we were sitting there. At one point, he realized that one girl didn’t even know what “check the tables” meant, haha. Every time he said that, she just cluelessly looked at the computer screen. Some real winners on that staff. Hopefully by now they are more properly trained.

That’s something I do not understand about bad servers. Okay, so this is your first waitressing job, whatever, but SURELY you have dined at a restaurant before. Can’t you think about how you would want to be treated while dining? Don’t you know that people get thirsty while eating? It just seems like common sense to me. But, I digress.

The highlight of the experience, as it typically should be, was the food. The bread was delicious and eliminated my need for a starter. I skipped right to an entree and had the Wagyu Beef Bolognese which was rich, nicely seasoned, flavorful, and portioned just right. My friends enjoyed their steaks and mussels. And we all had room for dessert. After all, we had to see how Manuka honey was incorporated into the menu.

A perfect pasta portion at Manuka Kitchen, Fulham

A pretty little dessert at London’s Manuka Kitchen

We shared the Salted Caramel Panna Cotta and had teas served with nice little honey presentations. The dessert was just as tasty as our previous course and all four of us unanimously gave Manuka Kitchen a London Checklist “Do.” I would consider this restaurant appropriate for all occasions–a first date, a place to bring the folks, a night out with the girlfriends, an easy weeknight dinner, etc. If you’re looking for a place to go for just about any reason, and don’t mind the trek to Fulham, head right over to Manuka Kitchen! Enjoy!


Manuka Kitchen
510 Fulham Road
London SW6 5NG

Do! Gelateria 3Bis-Notting Hill

In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I have to give a must-do to the closest thing to an American pastime I could find in Notting Hill–an almost ice cream parlor. 

Sure, it’s a bank holiday weekend here in London, but that basically means everyone gets out of dodge and a lot of restaurants are closed. In the US, however, there’s a true spirit to the weekend. There are parades, picnics, BBQs, uniforms of red, white and blue, and, of course, the must-have foods to celebrate the summer kick-off weekend. These foods include watermelon, hot dogs, burgers, pasta salads, American flag sheet cakes, and ice cream cones!

If you are like me, and feeling a little homesick missing out on all that good stuff above, head to the brand new Gelateria 3Bis to fill the Notting Hill ice cream cone void! 

A free taster at Gelateria 3Bis’s grand opening, Notting Hill
Gelateria 3Bis just opened on May 25th, and smartly offered free gelato to everyone for their grand opening afternoon. I went at the perfect time and only had to wait a few minutes to get my hands on a hazelnut gelato cone. It was absolutely delicious. Very sweet, so the small portion suited me just fine. But amazing how it took me right back to having my feet in the grass in New England and trying to catch the drips from the melting treat sliding down my cone. 

Gelato and ice cream are close enough to me to make this a true place to visit when I need to be taken back to my roots. I’m sure connoisseurs would be happy to argue the differences, but if you’re like me, looking for a sweet treat, head to Gelateria 3Bis! And, oh yeah, if someone could tell me how to pronounce their name, that’d be cool too. Enjoy and happy MDW/bank holiday!

Inside Notting Hill’s Gelateria 3Bis
Gelateria 3Bis
Portobello Road
Notting Hill

Do! 108 Garage

Another West London must-do! I know the east has been neglected for awhile, but with so many new restaurants popping up in the west, it’s hard to venture elsewhere. 

The menu at London’s 108 Garage

Take 108 Garage, for example. The new kid on the block is not your typical family-friendly, low-key, Notting Hill eatery, instead, its bringing art and creativity with its fine culinary cuisine. That’s right, the neighborhood is growing up, so put on your  big girl shoes and head to the sexy scene that is 108 Garage.

Outfitted like a mechanic’s garage-turned restaurant, the unusual theme actually works. The mixed metals found in the ceiling piping, caged liquor cabinets, and hanging lights gave a little sparkle and warmth to the industrial space. The seating is close together, keeping the small restaurant cozy, and then taking the intimacy even further with an open kitchen. It’s always amazing to watch an executive chef in action–tidying and putting the finishing touches on dishes,  while summoning servers to whisk them away. The environment gets an A+, but the new 108 Garage is not without its growing pains.

Booking a table seems more difficult than it should be. We had to book a table for two very far in advance and eat pretty early to secure a Saturday night spot. This seemed completely unnecessary since there were only a few people in the place during our reservation spot. This, while frustrating would not have been a big deal if the servers did not make us feel like we were the only people in the place. Overbearing is an understatement when describing the waitstaff. We must have had five different servers constantly checking on us. Usually, in London, I’m continuously disappointed in the lack of attention from servers, but this other side of the spectrum was too much to handle. It got to the point that if I turned my head to look at the decor, someone would immediately come over and asked what I needed. I wished for a neck brace to control my neck so I could be left alone. 

Aside from not giving us breathing room, I have a few small grievances with the actual level of service. First, the food came WAY too fast. We were given our bread and within one bite our appetizer had arrived. The appetizer had a completely unnecessary bit of frozen basil which required immediate consumption, so it wasn’t even like we could push the dishes aside and enjoy our bread and a sip of our cocktails first. The actual dish I’ll get into in a little bit. So, whenever we were done with one of our rushed courses, the server (a different one each time) would clear the area by STACKING PLATES. One of my biggest pet peeves. The restaurant is not a diner, do not smush dirty dishes on top of each other in front of my face. This seems like a no-brainer for a high-end establishment but it’s amazing how many restaurants miss the mark on this one. 

After the plates are removed, one of the servers brings a new silverware setting. Both fork and knife are placed to my right each time. That bothers me too, but I guess by now you know I’m a little nitpicky. 

Lastly, in true London fashion, the 8 million servers disappeared once we were ready to go. We already made it clear we wanted the bill, and at that time our drinks and waters were empty. At that same time, the hostess told us our time was up and she needed the table. If the hostess had communicated with the server that knew we were ready to vacate (perhaps she was too busy on her cell phone, yup, in the dining room), we could have been swiftly removed before we could find out we were being evicted. Lack of communication and poor planning right there. 

Beautiful burrata at London’s 108 Garage

Now onto the actual food. It’s fantastic. It truly is. The price is right, the cocktails are inventive and refreshing, and the bread is fresh. Once you get on to the actual courses, you’re presented with pretty arrangements and bold flavors. I started with the burrata that was topped with dainty fresh strawberries. This was the dish that turned into a production when paired with the frozen basil. The server actually comes to your table, freezes the herb in liquid nitrogen and tells you to eat it really quickly before it gets soggy. This part is so contrived and seems like nothing more than justification for a impulse buy at the kitchenware depot. After that little hiccup, I had an AMAZING slow-cooked Iberico ham dish and followed that with the best little chocolate pudding for dessert. Literal pudding. Not England’s generic term for “dessert.” 

A hefty portion of flavor at West London’s 108 Garage

Beautiful and delicious at 108 Garage

They have a tasting menu and an a la carte menu which I do not understand, either. There are literally no differences between the items on the two, and since both parties would have to get the full tasting, it really doesn’t make sense. If something different and desirable was on the tasting menu, we may have gone for it, but for us it seemed truly pointless. I suggest putting some coveted meals on there if it’s the menu they really want to push.

So, aside from some minor details, 108 Garage ticks all the major boxes.  Friendly staff, nice decor, reasonable prices, and OUTSTANDING food. I will definitely be back to the Golborne Road hot spot. But first, it’s your turn. Enjoy!

108 Garage
108 Golborne Road
London W10 5PS

Do! Crazy Homies

Now, this one falls under that little invisible category called “Do, with a Disclaimer.” While I love Crazy Homies, it’s not the best Mexican in the area, and definitely could use a few improvements. But, I will be back because it’s tasty, eclectic, and in my neighborhood.

Another part of the Tom Conran’s restaurant group, Crazy Homies resides on Westbourne Park Road with its siblings Lucky Seven and The Cow. Tom’s little stake on that road feels a bit like his own section of a Monopoly board. You’re bound to land on one of his spaces for an easy dinner, a quick drink, or for a post-drinking cheesy feast, perhaps.

Conran’s restaurants do a couple things really well. The restaurants all have unique themes and the decor stylishly and accurately goes along with all of them. That and all of the food is pretty tasty. This is why they are all must-dos on the London Checklist. What happens, though, when you have success in major restaurant categories, is that other issues might fall through the cracks. This, in my opinion, is what has happened to Crazy Homies.

Inside Notting Hill’s Crazy Homies

I go there to sit upstairs. It’s a quirky bar/restaurant that reminds me of NYC and has Dia de Muertos vibes. I do not go there to sit downstairs. Downstairs it is dark, dingy, and smells bad. For this reason, reservations are a must. Even if seated at a colorful upstairs table, you may find yourself venturing down to use the restroom. That would be at your own risk. It is in major need of a face lift (and more space.) If memory serves me correctly, it barely has a working hand dryer and is carpeted(!). So, stick with upstairs and, hopefully, by the time you need the bathroom, you’re already too drunk on the Margaritas Calientes to care.

Some Crazy Homies goodness, London

Ah, the margaritas. My fav. That, some nachos and quesadilla action, and I’m a happy girl. Everything is pretty good. Definitely on the spicy side, so beware if that is not your thing. I have to point out that they charge wayyyy too much for a side of sour cream. Sour cream is a standard accompaniment to any Mexican dish in America, so it’s hard to wrap my head around being served the littlest portion or none at all. Especially for as spicy as Crazy Homies makes their food. So be prepared to shell out a couple pounds for something that should be a given. Lastly, in regards to the actual food, skip the churros. They’re the worst I’ve ever had. Always way too overcooked and greasy. You forget that they are actually made of dough. They don’t have much more in the way of desserts, but if you’re still feeling calorie-deficient, you can load up with another margarita.

Nacho time at Crazy Homies, London

The colors and flavors of Crazy Homies, London

Okay, here is my biggest gripe with Crazy Homies. The service. Despite being a Mexican place, which is usually the cheapest cuisine in town (in America, anyway) Crazy Homies is like any other restaurant in Notting Hill. You’re not getting out of there for less than £30-40 per person, so you should be able to expect some reasonable service. I have been in there countless times where I’ve had to beg for attention from a server for literally everything–the inevitable sides of sour cream, water, drink refills, even silverware once! But what really aggravates me is when the food comes too quickly. They’re better about this on slow nights, but, when they’re busy, they have zero control over their kitchen. There is no flow. Just food haphazardly flying out and about. Once, I dined at Crazy Homies with three other people. We made it very clear that the nachos and quesadillas were to start, and then each ordered an entree. The food came out in a reckless manner. Two entrees came, then the starters, then the rest of the entrees twenty minutes later. This was also another one of those times when we had no drinks and water. We were just stuck with half of our spicy food. Restaurants also lose money this way. I remember my cousin trying to find the waitress for another cocktail, but by the time she came around, it was basically time to go. That would have been an additional £10 for the restaurant and a higher tip for the waitress if everyone got their heads around the bigger picture.

I will say, it usually comes down to this one specific waitress. She never seems to recognize if a table is dissatisfied. Maybe its partially the language barrier, but I have to blame some of it on skills and training. When we tried to explain the rough go we were having with the empty drinks and the plates coming out in the wrong order, she was not apologetic. She stared at us blankly and said “We don’t do that here.” She was referring to giving you a starter as a starter and not just bringing everything out as its ready. This policy works for tapas places. Beyond that, let people have a pleasant, leisurely dining experience.

So, that’s how I feel about all that. Not to put a damper on a neighborhood “Do,” but I’m hopeful that if small adjustments are made, Crazy Homies will truly live up to its full restaurant potential. Head there and decide for yourself!


Churros to skip at Crazy Homies, London

Crazy Homies
125 Westbourne Park Road
London W2 5QL

Do! The Abingdon

One of my favorite brunch spots is The Abingdon gastropub hidden on a Kensington side street. The walk down from the High Street is just darling, and takes you through one of London’s quaintest neighborhoods. When you’re strolling along Abingdon Road, The Abingdon appears like a picturesque destination on a movie set. Pretty little London in all its glory.

The Abingdon in London’s Kensington neighborhood

Once you first enter the Abingdon, however, you wonder what happened to the classic British charm you saw outside with its strong blue and white paint job, muraled window scenes, and beautiful detailed door. Where did it go? Because what you’re faced with at first is like a pseudo-wine bar you would find in a chain hotel. The first area is just full of bad design choices. There’s awkward low cocktail seating, a stiff bar, and tacky, swirly decorative items. But, WAIT, do not fear. It gets better, right around the corner.

Upon entering, at first glance, my husband and I were so put off by the atmosphere that we thought about slowly backing out the door. Luckily the host quickly came over and made up our minds for us. He took us through the basic area and around a corner where suddenly the experience was looking up. We walked through two long rooms that gave less of a NYC happy hour vibe and more of a sunny French bistro scene. The first room had a large private party occupying the full space, so we headed all the way down to settle into a darling booth in a room brightened with skylights and fresh flowers.  

Pretty flowers and an attractive menu at The Abingdon, London

After deciding I loved The Abingdon and that we hadn’t made a mistake, we looked over the brunch menu which had a little bit of everything–sweet, savory, breakfast, lunch. It was great. I had a classic egg breakfast and my husband enjoyed the moules frites (which I think is a gross morning choice, by the way.) This was all after the most amazing bread and butter! The fresh bread really deserves a “do” post on its own, it was that good. These items were delivered to us by a couple knowledgeable servers who didn’t miss a beat.

Moules frites over at The Abingdon, London

We had refreshing cocktails, strong coffees, great food and competent service in a cozy little booth on a Sunday morning. My version of Heaven right there.

So, while the cover is charming, don’t judge a book by its–er–front page? Turn it and dig right in to all The Abingdon has to offer. Enjoy!

The Abingdon
54 Abingdon Road 
London W8 6AP

Do! Pizza East-Portobello

Pizza East is an obvious “do” if you’re from the neighborhood. It almost goes without saying. But for those new to London, or someone visiting the area, Notting Hill’s branch of Pizza East is where it’s at.

Rise & Shine at Pizza East, London
Another successful venture from the Soho House group, Pizza East can be found at the top of Portobello Road, and packed with diners of all ages any time of day. Bookings are always recommended, even though you wouldn’t expect a pizza joint to be packed at 10:00am or 3:00 in the afternoon. It’s because Pizza East is much more than just pizza. It’s a trendy brunch spot offering up international classics, an afternoon destination where you can feel the warmth of the pizza oven and a nice bottle of wine, and a full-service restaurant offering amazing starters, salads, entrees, pizzas, cheeses and desserts. There’s something for everyone, any time of day.

Breakfast vibes at Pizza East Portobello

The aesthetics are also not what you would expect. Pizza East reminds me more of a French bistro than a quick Italian joint. The muted blues, creams, and soft wood tones make the bright open space cozy and inviting. The downstairs, usually kept open for walk-in diners, offers a full view of the pizza station, a small bar area that services the restaurant (but allows for walk up drink orders from customers waiting for a table), a small community dining area, and lots of little tables. The seating is extremely inviting, although having to wait for a table can be quite uncomfortable. You’re either standing by the hostess stand, basically over people trying to eat while making room for the constant flow of traffic, or standing in the back, trying to perch against a high little cocktail table, while dodging servers and patrons trying to get to the bar, the kitchen, the bathrooms or the computers. It is imperative to make a booking for this reason. Though the old-fashioneds do go down nice and easy while you wait.

The upstairs is much more relaxed. If you have a booking on a busy night, you’ll most likely be seated up there. Any table will be fine except their little garden room. It is awful. Our party of five was seated alone in that little space and the atmosphere was horrible. We may as well have stayed home. We couldn’t see another table and felt isolated the entire time. Our server seemed to forget about us most of the time, too. So aside from that little area, once again, if you have a booking, you’re golden.

So, once in the door and settled (or outside at one of the streetside tables) you get to finally enjoy the simple but flavorful menu Pizza East has to offer. Here are my tips for each part of the day:


Breakfast at Pizza East, Notting Hill

Another amazing breakfast option at Pizza East


-Eggs any style served with sourdough. Their sourdough bread is amazing. Sourdough also beats wholegrain from a health standpoint, so indulge!
-Buckwheat Pancakes
-Pain au chocolat
-Granola, yoghurt, raw acacia honey
-Seasonal fruit, yoghurt


-They undertook their eggs! This is something I do not understand. Maybe it’s an American thing, but I believe yolks should be runny, not whites. I always ask for my egg whites or scrambled eggs well done, and even still, I have to send the dishes back 50% of the time. It’s painful. One time that stands out to me, I was dining with a pregnant friend who had to ask for her eggs to be cooked longer (after already requesting they be prepared well-done) and the chef declined!!! He said they were already done enough.  My friend proceeded to ask again, more seriously, and finally the chef agreed, probably spitting in the food before sending it back. That was one of the most inappropriate situations I had ever witnessed in a restaurant. Especially to make a pregnant woman uncomfortable like that. What happened to “The Customer is Always Right?”

-They don’t make their juices. While they’re tasty, don’t expect them to be pressed to order. They come to your table bottled, from an outside company.

-Sometimes the portion sizes are inconsistent. I swear, their dishes range from 1-3 eggs depending on the day!

Outdoor dining at Notting Hill’s Pizza East


What to Expect

The Saturday and Sunday Brunch menu is just a small version of the Breakfast and All Day menu combined. I usually prefer one full menu over the other, depending on my mood, so I typically skip this mixed dining time period.


While Pizza East will usually be open on a Bank Holiday, they will most likely resort to their weekend Brunch menu over their regularly scheduled Breakfast menu. Just an FYI.



-Burrata, changes seasonally, but always tasty.
-Mac’ n’ cheese. A crowd pleaser.
-Beef lasagne, one of my personal favorites, though I do believe the ground meat is too finely minced.
-Smoked sweet potato, a newer dish served with creme fraiche and rice that is just perfect when you’re not in a pizza mood, or want a healthier option.
-Spicy sausage, mozzarella, broccoli, cream pizza. Simply the best. Don’t let them talk you into the red version.
-Butter lettuce salad. Enough to share!
-Cheese and meat boards from the counter. Beware, they rarely give enough bread for the toppings! The burrata is A+, but they often run out!
-Apple crumble. They’ve stepped up their dessert game! They used to have nothing that even came close to tempting me. Now, their crumble hits the spot.

-Their service can be pretty awful. You either feel completely rushed or neglected by the staff over at Pizza East. The food comes out with no rhyme or reason, making it impossible to separate dishes into stages, like starters and entrees. I would say 50% of the time something is forgotten, whether it’s a drink or a side dish, and then you never see the server again. You get used to it.

-And, lastly, I’ve never enjoyed the Salt-Baked Salmon, but someone recently said it’s getting better. Just had to throw that in there.

Pizza East’s amazing Mac n’Cheese, London

So, there you have it! My overview of Pizza East. Head there for a quick, easy meal that won’t break the bank, any day of the week. It’s reliable, and fit for all parties, even kids. And remember, locals who possess the coveted Pizza East keychain get 50% off their table’s entire check Monday-Thursday days and Sunday nights. It is by far the best deal in town! Enjoy!

Dinner time at Pizza East, London

Pizza East-Portobello
310 Portobello Road
London, W10 5TA

Do! Electric Cinema

While I cannot recommend the movie Fifty Shades Darker, I can absolutely send you in the direction of the Electric Cinema. The Electric Cinema’s Portobello Road location is one of the coolest venues to catch a movie with its comfortable seating, tasty snacks, and impressive acoustics. While it may be difficult to get yourself a ticket (booking in advance is definitely a must), and sometimes their selection may not be up your alley, it is definitely worth checking out one of the oldest cinemas in the country the first opportunity you get!

Showtime at the Electric Cinema, London

We went to the retro cinema this week for my birthday. I figured, when else could I drag my husband to such a blatant chick flick. The movie turned into a comedy for both of us because the plot and the acting was just that ridiculous. In such a nice venue and giggling at the Fifty Shades awkwardness, we really couldn’t have had a better time. We booked one of the sofas for £45.00. This booking gets both of you in and onto one of the comfiest sofas, complete with cushions, an ottoman to store your belongings and rest your feet, and end tables for all of your drinks and snacks. Every seat in the house, though–whether you’ve booked one of these three couches, one of the flat beds up front, or one of their many armchairs–is comfortable, spacious, and luxe, covered in a plush red velvet and warm leather. There really is not a bad seat in the house!

Located right on Portobello Road, the Electric Cinema is part of the Soho House’s other neighborhood favorite, the Electric Diner. Check out their “Do!” on The London Checklist from last year to learn more. Without going into too much detail about the diner, it’s the perfect spot for dinner before or after your movie. If you dine between 5-6PM during the week and show proof of your Cinema ticket, you can actually get 50% off your entire meal. Not a bad deal!

Nachos inside the Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

If you’re not up for a full Electric Diner experience, you can get a taste of their twists on American classics right inside the theater. If you’re not interested in the candy counter when you first walk in, you can order hot dogs, cheeseburgers, nachos, (amazing) spiced nuts and more from the full bar right inside the theater. The nuts and nachos we ordered were a great start, but we didn’t want to overdo it before our post-theater dinner reservation next door. Next time, however, we might just skip the res and have burgers right inside the theater.

If you’re looking for a rainy day matinee, a different type of date night, a mid-week adventure–anything really–head to the Electric Cinema for an unforgettable movie-going experience. Enjoy some nice lighting, great sound, an unobstructed screen, cozy seating, tasty food, and of course, alcohol! This venue will not disappoint. Enjoy!


Electric Cinema
191 Portobello Road
London, W11 2ED

Do! Taqueria

A glimpse of Notting Hill’s Taqueria menu

Notting Hill’s Taqueria is an easy Mexican spot for a chill dinner any day of the week. It’s a no fuss eatery at a decent price point, and full of friendly servers bringing you delicious, flavorful small plates. 

The place is so uncomplicated that I don’t really need to take you through the good and bad of each restaurant building block. Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

I only have two complaints. The lighting is too bright and the ventilation isn’t doing its job. You don’t notice it when you’re in there, but once you leave, you smell. My sweater went to the cleaners and my jacket had been airing out for two days.  

Aside from those two little grievances, Taqueria is great. Their inventive drinks are top-notch and accompany any one of their spicy, rich, colorful, Mexican plates. We shared the Botana, a basic trio of dips and chips, but were blown away by the chorizo quesadilla we started with. Quesadillas at most of the London Mexican restaurants are all little dishes to get in multiples and share, FYI. In the US, you pictures one giant quesadilla as a starter for all. The price should give you an indication of what to expect, but if not, there you go.

After the powerful quesadilla, we went on to enjoy the rolled cheese tacos–basically browned cheese rolled up with tortillas and salsa–which everyone is sure to enjoy. My dad used to make a habit of cooking nothing but piles of cheese in a pan and waiting for the mess to spread and crisp up. He would surely enjoy this taco.

A little bit of this and that at Notting Hill’s Taqueria
Rolled cheese tacos at London’s Taqueria

Next were the roadside chicken tacos. These were probably the most powerful and seasoned of the dishes, and my husband’s favorite! I had to cut the intensity with a side of sour cream, but I thoroughly enjoyed my half of the plate.

Lastly, my favorite, the jalapeño tacos. Think jalapeño popper with a layered taco twist. I loved, loved, loved this dish.

The great jalapeño tacos at Taqueria, London

A couple drinks and a full dinner will run you about £60-70. In a neighborhood like Notting Hill, that’s not a bad bill for high quality food and a decent buzz. Next time you’re in the area, check out Taqueria for yourself. Reservations are advised. Enjoy! 
141-145 Westbourne Grove
London, W11 2RS

Do! Eggbreak 

Eggbreak is the kind of place I wish I had across the street. It’s easy, delicious, and the type of hangover cure you want to crawl into on a Sunday morning.

Notting Hill’s Eggbreak

At first I was nervous, showing up on a weekend at 11:00 to a brunch place that doesn’t take reservations, but the place is surprisingly large. Located just behind Notting Hill Gate, it’s deceiving size is due to a large lower level that twists and turns into additional seating. Sometimes basement dining can feel dark and dingy, but not at Eggbreak! It was light, pretty, and lively! My only problem with the seating was the temperature. It was definitely too warm down there–nothing that can’t be solved. Everything else was top-notch! Soft napkins, pretty serving dishes, a cool mix of old rolling pins and cutting boards for wall decor. I really liked everything about the place.

The service was pretty good too. Everyone was really friendly and even though we stumped the server on a couple menu questions, she positively assured us that she would come right back with an answer, and then actually did. 

The menu at London’s Eggbreak

Now for the menu! I was in heaven. Mainly because I’m American and nothing hits the spot like a Bacon, Egg and Cheese with actual American Cheese! No it wasn’t American “streaky” bacon, but at least I was part-way there. The sandwich was delicious. I didn’t really understand the whole concept of adding shredded lettuce to it, but that was easy enough to scrape off. It kind of reminded me of how in Asian restaurants you’ll sometimes get a maraschino cherry on your otherwise savory dish. It just doesnt make sense! Cold lettuce on a hot sandwich, I don’t know. They also did not melt the cheese on the fried egg. It was added to the sandwich after-the-fact, instead of onto the egg as it sizzled on the griddle. And for my last criticism, what’s up with a one-egg sandwich?! Eggs are definitely affordable enough to add two…especially when eggs are your thing. But despite my little grievances, the meal hit the spot, the bun was amazingly fresh, and was still the best of its kind in the neighborhood. My husband had the cornmeal waffle/Sriracha/egg concoction and he was satisfied, as well. We both gave Eggbreak a gold star and will surely go back.

While, in my opinion, the fairly-new place still has a few kinks to work out, it’s definitely worth a trip to Eggbreak for some reasonably priced, quality food, in a nice, happy atmosphere. Head to Eggbreak and enjoy!

The cornmeal waffle dish at London’s Eggbreak

30 Uxbridge Street
Notting Hill
London W8 7TA