Do! Cafe Laville

Cafe Laville earns the first spot on the must-do checklist. This past Sunday morning was unbelievably sunny and made for a perfect day to wander down the canals through Little Venice ending up at Cafe Laville. The walk itself is a must-do activity. You stroll along parks and rows of houseboats, surrounded by ducks and runners. It’s a really positive, peaceful experience, and makes it hard to believe that at one point, just above you, is a traffic-filled main road. 

Now we had a reservation at the restaurant. This I highly recommend because, while the restaurant wasn’t too full, the reservation held us the nicest table in the house! The main draw of this cafe is the location. Straddled over Regent’s Canal, you get an amazing perspective of the waterway. Boats and ducks swim right under the hovering restaurant. The cafe’s glass ceiling and walls were closed, but you could tell the entire place opened up in the summer months for a truly unique indoor/outdoor canal experience. 

 (View from our table)

The food was enjoyable as well. I was extremely hungover and took comfort in the Eggs Florentine with a side of UK bacon. My husband had an omelette which he also enjoyed. I can definitely say this place is a must-do for a sunny breakfast, and I can’t wait to report back when I try it for an open-air dinner!

Cafe Laville-Italian
453 Edgeware Road
London W2 1HT

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