Do! Cereal Killer Cafe

Visiting the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden is a must-do for that moment homesickness starts to set in. While London is an amazing city, it’s inevitable that you will have moments where you just want your family, friends, a trip to Target, a bagel from your favorite bagel place, or even to see an American license plate. Being homesick is a guaranteed side effect to making such a life-altering change, and throughout my posts, you will learn of many different ways to combat such feelings.

Not only does Cereal Killer Cafe bring you back to the country you hail from, but it manages to bring you way back to your childhood. Nothing was more comforting during a time of homesickness, to feel like I was a 10 year old girl with my favorite cereals, getting ready for Saturday Morning Cartoons.
DunkinDonuts(Memorabilia at Camden’s Cereal Killer Cafe)

We went to the Camden location with a reservation. The reservation books you a “table” to eat, but you still order and receive your food from the front counter, possibly waiting in a very long queue.  You may have an actual table and chairs or you may score a twin-sized bed covered in cartoon sheets as your bench, just like the Power Ranger sheets my brother had in the 90s. Each table is reserved with your name fitted in the sleeve of an old VHS tape. We had an empty Jumanji box which, at that moment, made me the happiest girl ever. Being surrounded by what were my favorite things at one point in my life was cheering me right up.

 (A “Table” at the Cereal Killer Cafe)

Once we found our table we headed to the cereal line. The line was pretty long, but it almost took the entire wait to decide what we were going to order. They have over 100 cereals–American, British, and an assortment from around the globe. They have over 20 types of milk! Dairy, non-dairy, strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut…everything you could imagine. Then, they have an assortment of toppings. I ordered right off of their “Cereal Cocktail” list and opted for the Double Rainbow! Paying tribute to the most hilarious YouTube video of all time, and being a masterpiece of Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles, topped with Lucky Charms’ marshmallows, it was too enticing to pass up. My husband found his own perfect “cocktail” and then we got to choose Pop-Tarts! S’mores Pop-Tarts were the unhealthy staple of my youth. Everyday off the school bus I would heat one up, eat the boring edges first, then the bottom (separating the sandwich), and then savor the chocolate-covered top. Being handed the warm S’mores Pop-Tart at the Cereal Killer Cafe was like being given a hug from my mother.

Cereal(Cereal Cocktails at Camden’s Cereal Killer Cafe)

Now the service was nothing to write home about. We kept debating on whether or not the staff was on drugs. The speed of service was at an all-time low and confusion at a high, but it didn’t matter. If they were on drugs, you can’t blame them, as it’s probably the best place to work if you have the munchies. And nothing could ruin my natural high. I had the best parts of the greatest cereals of all time in one bowl, my favorite Pop-Tart, and was surrounded by 90s memorabilia that brought me back to a time when things were not scary. A time when my family was in the next room, not over an ocean, and when all of my favorite cereals would be in the cabinet the next morning when I came down for breakfast. That time is obviously over and we all grow up, and moving is a part of life for some people, but it’s nice to know those spots where you can briefly go home.

(Cereal for days at the Cereal Killer Cafe)


Cereal Killer Cafe
Mezz 2
Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town
London NW1 8AH

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