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From the same masterminds that brought us Soho House, the Electric Diner, and Pizza East (just to name a few), is a low-fuss rotisserie joint called Chicken Shop. I paid a visit to their Kentish Town location and had an awesome experience. The restaurant aims to serve consistent, high-quality organic chicken, and doesn’t disappoint. Nor do they fuss around with anything else. The menu is chicken and chicken only. You can get a quarter, whole or half bird, right off the rotisserie spit. Nicely seasoned and salted, it’s served with a few side sauces and a wedge of lemon. The only variety on the menu are a few tasty sides and of course a nice selection of beers.

My husband and I headed there on a weeknight, totally relaxed in jeans and sneaks, and bellied up to their oversized bar that doubled as a kitchen island. We had a front row seat of the open kitchen and were mesmerized by the cooks effortless flow of frying, salting, plating, and chopping. We had a couple beers, a whole chicken (which provided leftovers), a side of fries, and an order of corn on the cob. Everything was great. I did have a huge craving for a side of corn bread when I was there, but maybe that was just the American in me and the similarities between Chicken Shop and a U.S. BBQ joint.

Chicken(Simple fare at Chicken Shop in Kentish Town)

My corn bread craving was actually satisfied when we got to dessert. Their limited list of desserts offered one of the best apple pies I have ever had in my life. Although it was nothing similar to a traditional apple pie, I am still daydreaming about the dish. Your typical pie is to have a light, flaky, golden crust. This was more of an apple grunt (or a type of cobble) that was served deep dish, scooped tableside onto your plate, and had a cakey moist topping. This cake topping is what cured my corn bread needs and put the apple pie on my all-time favorite dessert list.

So, head to Chicken Shop for a chill night and delicious versions of basic staples. Beer, chicken, and pie. What more do we really need?


Chicken Shop
79 Highgate Road
London NW5 ITL

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