Do! Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant in West London is hands down my favorite place to take away a delicious flat white, latte or cappuccino. I know that is a bold statement, but my affinity for Coffee Plant has grown so much that I actually started purchasing their espresso beans for the cappuccino machine in my home. The taste is just right. A smooth, rich and dark roast blended with perfectly steamed milk. Too often, at other establishments, I get a “warm” latte. Does anyone ever want a “warm” latte? No, you want it hot. Steam your milk longer please. 

While the decor in Coffee Plant is not very inviting, playing on more of a minimalist, hipster vibe, their location is great. They are located right at the center of Portobello Road and its weekly market. So, next time you are wandering the market and find its too early to start drinking alcohol, step into Coffee Plant for a standard flat white before you continue your stroll through the neighborhood!


Sizes and Prices at Coffee Plant, Notting Hill
Coffee Plant
180 Portobello Road
London W11 2EB

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