Do! Westbourne Grove

Westbourne Grove is an upscale retail road in the heart of Notting Hill. Running right through Portobello Road, you can explore this part of the neighborhood during your trip to the famed Portobello Market. Westbourne Grove provides a nice balance to the Portobello Road’s heavy market crowds and lower-end fashion stalls and street food booths. I like to wander through the market on a Saturday with my coffee from Coffee Plant, but ultimately land on Westbourne Grove to eat and do some proper shopping.

One of the many shops on Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill

The west end of Westbourne Grove is really the focus of this review. After the Chepstow Road intersection, you head to a more practical end of the street, with simpler restaurants and stores for home improvements and weekend errands. But ahh, the west end. The sun-facing restaurants with outdoor tables, the candy colored buildings, the high-end boutiques, and the side streets that lead to even more temptations.

The Colors of Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill

The shops include Club Monaco, Jigsaw, Weekend MaxMara, to name a few, and are surrounded by modern cafes, such as 202–a clothing retailer/restaurant hybrid. There is a Daylesford organic grocery store with inside dining and shopping, but if it’s a nice sunny day, I often purchase a salmon fillet and one of their prepared salads to take outdoors. If the tables out front are unavailable, I will head to the community benches on the large center island that holds the Boris bikes and The Flowered Corner florist.

Heading to Westbourne Grove makes for a nice, sunny lunch after spin class, a great place to catch up with a friend over coffee, or an impressive place to take out-of-town guests. For guests, I usually start the adventure with brunch at Granger, but I’ll get into that another day…

As for today, it looks like it’s going to be a sunny one. A perfect time to head to Westbourne Grove with a book for a coffee, and maybe even to find a new pair of shoes. Anything to make Monday seem a little more tolerable!

A classic car on Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill

Westbourne Grove

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