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This is one of my absolute favorite activities for any guests visiting me in London. Jason’s Trip is a canal boat tour running through Little Venice and Camden. This must-do is for all ages and affordable for everyone! It also shows that you took the time to plan something extra-special for your guests!

I personally like to start the trip off in Little Venice. The boat has a 10:30 departure that gets you up to Camden for around 11:15. This gives you the perfect amount of time needed to walk through the Camden market before grabbing lunch in the area. Not only do you have a nice little boat ride, but now you have a little excursion in a whole new neighborhood. 


Jason’s Trip, a must-do canal boat tour
Jason’s Trip takes reservations and only costs £9.50 per person (cash only) for the one-way ride through the canal. That’s less than what an Uber would run you up to Camden! That 45 minute ride is filled with a backyard view of some of the most beautiful homes in London. You float right through Regent’s Park and right by the London Zoo. You’re surrounded by a variety of ducks and birds that are mesmerizing to watch while they fish and then fight each other. All of this is going on while a very impressive host spends the 45 minutes filling you in on the history of the canal and its surroundings. It is a very educational and aesthetically pleasing experience!

A beautiful scene from aboard Jason’s Trip
Then, once you are let off the boat into the Camden Market, you (now a canal connoisseur) can watch the boats heading further, rise and fall with the flow of the Camden locks. It’s a peaceful scene, and I know that you and your guests will appreciate it. 

Now that the nice weather is here, head right to Little Venice and set sail on a memorable journey for you and your loved ones!


A waterside cafe on a London canal

Jason’s Trip

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