Do! The Westbourne

The Westbourne is where the cool kids like to go. The “sceney” pub is a summer hotspot right in the heart of Notting Hill. Instead of your typical corner pub that circles around a bar, The Westbourne is just a big open space filled with a hodgepodge of minimalist and antique tables. These tables are rammed together and full of drinkers and diners. The tables are first come first serve and make for a great place to just chill.

The real draw to The Westbourne, though, is their equally open and spacious outside seating. There are not too many places with outside, sun-facing tables. At The Westbourne, a 100 people can squeeze into the squared off front and enjoy the sun right up until it sets. The outside gets packed with a mix of young money, dressed up in designer streetwear, and hip Notting Hill parents that down pints as their kids wander around. It’s such a cool mix of people and the vibe on a sunny day is like you’re on a beach holiday. No cares, just relaxed, drinking in the sunshine.

The food at The Westbourne is pretty good, too. I sat with friends and had pints and then wine while we shared the hummus and cheese plate. I also had their baked goat cheese salad with sweet potato. Both dishes were amazing, and I left full and drunk for under £30.00. Can’t beat that!

The Westbourne is just a fun place to have a low-key weeknight dinner or to stop in to get your Saturday night rolling.  Pregame in the sunshine outside, or get cozy inside during the winter months. Regardless, of when you go, there will be a nice little crowd and it will be worth the trip.


The Westbourne
101 Westbourne Park Villas
London w2 5ED

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