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Another weekend, another day in Oxford Circus.  I can’t seem to stay away from the shopping capital of London, but with upcoming vacations and weddings to attend, I don’t really have a choice. My list of summer necessities seems endless, but I am in good hands at the many shopping destinations off of Oxford Street and Regents Street. I’ve already reviewed one of the department stores that owns me, Selfridges, and now it’s time to tell you about Liberty. 

A beautiful entrance to Liberty, London

Located on Great Marlborough Street, just off Regents Street, you cannot miss the 1920s Tudor revival that was fashioned out of the timbers of two ships! It stands out, wonky and impressive, against the chain stores and muted buildings that curve through Oxford Circus. Liberty is beautiful both inside and out. The exterior and interior shell is home to  thousands of the nicest items London has to offer. Liberty is a boutique one-stop shop for everything from skincare and makeup, to very fine and contemporary men and women’s fashions, to gorgeous one-of-a-kind housewares. Where Selfridges has the quantity, Liberty has the quality. Amazing selections of everything under one spectacular roof. 

Beautiful floors of beautiful things at Liberty, London
Head to Liberty to find your summer essentials or to wow your guests with the most beautiful shopping environment they might ever see. And if it’s around Christmas, make sure you check out their top level Christmas floor! 

Great Marlborough Street
London W1B 5AH

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