Don’t! The Folly

A short walk from the Monument tube stop leads you right to The Folly, a large bar and restaurant for the city folk right in Central London. You enter, not a botanically inspired haven as their website describes, but a loud industrial box that is filled with craft-store leaves, twigs, and trellises, giving a mixed identity to the mixed crowd of drinkers.

The Folly, London

I hate places like this. The oversized bars surrounding all the big banks and firms that have one goal: to accommodate as many flashy happy hour drinkers as they can. They have to set themselves apart from the trendy cocktail lounge down the street, so they all have different themes. If they don’t have a view, or a rooftop, they get “creative”. The Folly chose to become a garden and play off London’s overused Midsummer Night’s Dream theme. Don’t get me wrong, this would all be fine if the decor was done right and in a more fitting space. These Central London oversized modern builds don’t pass the test when you’re looking through the Garden of Eden at oversized heating ducts and industrial piping.

Questionable decor at The Folly, London

My first impression of The Folly was that it was loud. Extremely loud. There’s nowhere to sit, there are people everywhere, and if all of these people are coming from work, why is everyone carrying an oversized backpack? One I got through the hurdles of fancy Jansports, I located the bar and headed there with the friend I had met up with. The bar was crowded, but we got served very quickly, so that was a plus. The minus, was the price. The world’s smallest Maker’s Mark Old-Fashioned and a Peroni was £17.00. That’s $25.00.  No matter how you break those two drinks down, its appalling. I’ve had a lot of expensive cocktails in my life, but this by far was the most unwarranted when assessing the atmosphere, presentation, taste, location, and service, The Folly had to offer.  This place is expensive just because. Just because young money wants to flash some bills at Happy Hour and needs a place to go.

Not my scene. If you’re into the oversized strip mall bars you may see in, say, Vegas, Atlanta, or Derby, this may be for you. Otherwise, steer clear of The Folly, an overpriced playground for young corporate types that will rob you of your hearing, patience, and wallet.

Indoor/outdoor vibes at The Folly, London

Garden party at The Folly, London

The Folly
41 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V 0BT

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