Do! Lowry & Baker

Lowry & Baker is such a delight. The cutesy cafe on Portobello Road is located in a quieter section of the buzzing market street.  This area is a nice break from the crowds, but still makes for great people watching, giving a sense of the Portobello Road culture. Lowry & Baker offers bistro tables and a community bar outside, for a prime spot on the famous London road. On Sundays, their tables spill out, down the road, in front of the closed businesses to accommodate many outside diners. It’s a perfect location on a sunny day, for a hangover brunch with friends, or to go read the newspaper with some nice coffee and delicious food.

Outside dining at Lowry & Baker, London

Lowry & Baker inside is just adorable. It reminds me of a doll house. You step right into a narrow restaurant and small kitchen filled with an assortment of colorful chairs and tables giving the cafe a look that’s eclectic, but pretty. The front of the restaurant has a nice long, farmhouse table, right in front of their big window. I like to sit there and enjoy my meal with a great view of the outside world.  All the details are so lovely and dainty inside. The miniature restaurant is filled with fresh flowers, pretty pastels, and a mix of plates and teacups in a variety of china patterns. It’s a very informal place, ordering and paying at the counter from the two-person team that puts on the whole show. The serious, but kind, staff takes pride in each dish presented to you, making sure it is made to your preference, welcoming questions and requests.

Table with a view at Lowry & Baker


The cafe’s menu is simple. They serve coffees, cakes, and brunch items during the day, and small plates and wine on select nights. Their sweet treats are displayed at the front counter on an assortment of cake stands and mixed serving dishes. Additional breakfast options are listed on chalkboards and cooked right in the middle of the restaurant, behind the counter in the little kitchen. The small prep area and tiny kitchen appliances reminds me of a college dorm, when you had to get creative with nothing but a hot plate and a package of Ramen noodles. Lowry definitely makes the most of their space, serving basic dishes at the highest quality. My favorites include delicious eggs on toast with avocado and harissa and their yogurt with granola, honey, and fresh fruit.

Breakfast at Lowry & Baker, London

I’ve never had a bad experience at Lowry & Baker. I’m always pleased with the scenery, the service, and the food. It is one of the most consistent cafes in the area. I highly recommend you try it out next time you’re visiting Portobello market or just wandering through beautiful Notting Hill. Follow Portobello Road all the way up and you won’t miss it. Enjoy!

Lowry & Baker
339 Portobello Road
London W10 5SA

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