Do! Book of Mormon at Prince of Wales Theatre

Okay, so I have a love-hate relationship with the London theater scene. Half of the time I am super-impressed with the quality of shows and performers London has to offer, and the rest of the time, it all falls flat. My last theater review unfortunately landed Les Miserables on the “don’t” list. I discussed seeing Les Mis at Queen’s Theatre and explained why it wasn’t worth your time, money, energy, anything. The long show was filled with subpar performances, brought to you in a building made up of uncomfortable chairs, high temperatures, poor ventilation, and small, overpriced drinks. Not every theater experience goes this way, however. 

That’s the chance you take when you have big shows in the London’s oldest theaters. Each small venue has its own quirks and charm, making for more unique and intimate experiences than the big Broadway theaters of New York.  It’s about finding the right theater and show to appreciate the cozy atmosphere and not need the oversized explosions of theatrics and props. To me, Prince of Wales Theatre was the right amount of everything to hold the hit musical, Book of Mormon.

Most of us already know that Book of Mormon is amazing. How could it not be, coming to us from the hilariously twisted minds of the creators of Southpark. I’ve always been a huge Southpark fan. In the states, growing up, there were always TV shows that were pinned against each other. Were you Team Leno or Letterman? SNL or MadTV? Daily Show or Colbert Report? Family Guy or Southpark? I was always Team Southpark. Every time. So being the huge Southpark fan that I was and am, I knew I would love Book of Mormon and had to see it with pretty decent seats. 

My husband surprised me with two tickets a couple rows back in the second level “Circle.” They were about £100 each, but let me tell you, they were great. Nothing obstructed my view, and because the theatre is small and pitched so well, I thought I could reach my hand out and pat one of the boys on the head. It was so comfortable and cozy. Also ideal for my imperfect vision that is left untreated due to vanity suppressing my need for glasses, and laziness ignoring my need for contacts. Prescription sunglasses are my thing. 

Book of Mormon at London’s Prince of Wales Theatre

Anyway, I really couldn’t get over the venue. Not only were the seats reasonably priced with amazing views, but everything else about the Prince of Wales Theatre was pleasant. The ability to pre-order drinks, the temperature, the quality of the performance, everything. Well, one disclaimer (which they do warn you about): that amazing sharp pitch the second level has that makes for unobstructed viewing, well it’s not the smartest selection for handicapped people or someone that suffers from vertigo. There aren’t any railings and the stairs can be quite dizzying. Perhaps don’t get drunk and/or wear your highest heels. 

Besides that, it’s a must do up, down, left, right, and center. We had a great time, laughed our faces off and will probably go again. Go enjoy Book of Mormon and enjoy Prince of Wales Theatre!!

Book of Mormon
Prince of Wales Theatre
Coventry Street
London W1D 6AS

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