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In between all of my eating and drinking, I find myself needing a recharge. Sometimes it’s to not feel like America’s Next Top AA Candidate, sometimes it’s to shrink my waste line super-fast, and other times it’s to trick my skin into thinking it’s still in its twenties. We all have our reasons, and whatever yours may be that has gotten you to the point of Googling cleanses, Google no further and head straight to

I found this London-based cleanse company on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop. I trust the site to know what they’re talking about in the health world, and was pleased when they were able to narrow down my juice hunt to five different companies. From there, I crowned Plenish the winner after deciding I like the priced point, first time buyer’s discount, website, packaging, program details, etc. I purchased my first cleanse and have since been back for several more. Let me take you through what you can expect.

I opted for the three day cleanse because I am a sane person that needs to eat. I would not recommend anything longer than that if you are just starting out. I also would start with the Level One. It was perfect for a first-timer. 

Special delivery from Plenish, London

My three day package, which worked out to about £50.00 a day, was delivered on time in a nicely insulated box. It came with 18 juices, a manual with some motivational words and recipes, and a glass straw. The packaging was adorable and I got very excited lining them all up in the fridge, preparing for the new me. 

A few days prior to a cleanse, it’s recommended you prep your body by hydrating and cutting out caffeine and alcohol. I found the entire cleanse very tolerable, aside from the lack of caffeine. I never knew I was that addicted until the excruciating mid-afternoon caffeine headaches. Other than that, it was a pretty lovely experience. I felt full the entire time since you get a juice every two hours. You don’t really have enough time to even recognize hunger pangs. There’s a longer stretch in the evening, but if you make it through that, you’re rewarded with your heaviest nut milk, which allows you to sleep like a baby. That milk is so delicious, I’ve purchased it on its own as a meal replacement and to add to oatmeal. You do have a few moments when you’re consumed by an oral fixation and just want to chew, but those moments pass, and overall, you’ll be satisfied with the Plenish cleanse and its slimming results.

A healthy fridge thanks to Plenish, London

By the end of cleanse day three, I felt skinny, healthy, weak, and like my body was eating itself. It was a very strange mix of feeling alive and dead at the same. This is why I don’t recommend going past day three. 

So why do I recommend a cleanse at all? I look at it like a reset for my body. After three caffeine-less days, once day four rolled around, I only needed one small cappuccino–compared to my usual four! I had a concave stomach and my skin glowing from an overdose of fresh veggies and water. My body was forgiving me for trashing it around Christmas and giving me permission to go abuse it again in France.

We are now in Greece, and since I didn’t have a lot of time to prep, cut things out, and miss social events to drink juice in solitude, I purchased a one day cleanse. Again, it was a lovely reset. I do have to say that Level Two was noticeably more challenging. I was a little hungrier and a little weaker, but once again, my efforts paid off. 

Green juice from Plenish, London

Plenish has never let me down and I’m collecting glass straws faster than the kids are catching Bulbasaurs in Pokemon Go. (Not me, I swear.) Anywho, I feel great and will continue resetting and recharging with Plenish. If you’re looking for a tested, Goop and London Checklist-verified cleanse, look no further and enjoy!

The grand finale from Plenish, London


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