Do! Harrods Food Hall

This one is an easy must-do for all ages and all price ranges! The iconic department store, Harrods, has the best food hall in town. The grand building holds room after room of decadent goodies and gourmet masterpieces that leave you staring at the glass like a kid at a candy shop window. 

I bring most guests to this show stopper, and half the time, I don’t even buy anything! Just looking is a satisfaction in itself! And, boy, is there something for everyone. 

One of the first rooms holds beautifully crafted chocolates and high-end teas. It’s the perfect spot for purchasing a gift to bring pack to the country you hail from, or to have a quick nibble to satisfy a little sweet craving. 

In the next room, you’ll find the prepared food section. Every type of food you could dream up is in there, perfectly cooked, decorated, arranged and packaged in the curved glass cases. There are casual items, like croissants and other pastries to grab with a quick coffee, or beef jerky loose and ready to be scooped into a container of your preferred size. Then there are the fancy, amazing, Instagrammer’s dream items, like rainbow-colored terrines, shiny fruit and custard tarts, and flawless cakes. And then there’s the cheese. So much cheese!

Sweet dreams at Harrods, London
For the grown ups, Harrods, London

If you don’t get lost in that last room, you can check out the produce area. There are basic and unusual fruits and vegetables, all perfectly placed, ripened, and round, stacked in charming baskets and bins. The entire room has the aromatic scent of the fresh flowers that are sold along one wall. The other shelves are filled with more biscuits and teas, nuts, and specialty gifts. 

The last room you’ll visit in the Harrods Food Hall is the meat and seafood section. A culinary artist’s dream, Harrods has a perfect variety of beautifully weighed cuts to make for an amazing cooking experience. I need to make Harrods the grocery destination for all of my special occasion cooking experiences.  I haven’t yet, always thinking of it as a luxury spot to visit, ignoring how helpful it could be when looking for high-quality ingredients, but that’s about to change. 

In addition to all that good stuff, you can take a break from walking or shopping and grab a snack or a drink at one of their many bar/restaurants. Like they needed more! Be prepared to be paralyzed by choice!

Harrods, London
So, as you can see, Harrods is more than just a pretty face with an expensive wardrobe. Their motto has always been “All Things for All People, Everwhere,” and that definitely holds up in the Food Hall. Everyone can appreciate and attain something to call their own from behind the glass at the Food Hall. It’s special, inclusive, and worth the trip! Enjoy!

A scene from Harrod’s London
Harrods Food Hall
87-135 Brompton Road
London SW1X 7XL

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