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Summer is pretty much over and I can honestly say I’m relieved! My schedule was jam-packed with parties, weddings, concerts, events, trips to the States, Greece, Paris, and Italy (twice), and now I am finally home, ready to just relax! This past weekend was my first free weekend in six months. Finally, there were no obligations, no time commitments, nothing. I was able to wander the pretty streets of Notting Hill and then head up north to the bustling neighborhood of Kensal Rise.

Kensal Rise has a busy main street that takes you up past many little shops and restaurants. I like to take a weekend stroll all the way to the top until I reach one of the best coffee shops in London: Cable co.

Cable co. specialist coffee shop, Kensal Rise

Cable co. is a clean, hipster joint. I feel transported into a Brooklyn cafe every time I step into the Chamberlayne Road shop. You’ll know you’ve found it when you stumble upon an old painted oil barrel used as Cable co.’s outdoor advertising. Once you follow the barrel’s arrow inside, you’ll see some minimalist seating filled with all types of coffee drinkers, chatting or intently focused on a Mac or a good book. The basic decor is highlighted with some quirky touches. Mounted cages hold extra cups. An old-school label makes sense of their lid and sugar counter. Their full menu is displayed on menu letter boards you would have seen at a drive-in burger restaurant. The entire space is sunny and interesting, and makes you want to slide into a seat and dive right into a warm cup of coffee.

You order your coffee, and maybe a smoothie or a snack, and make small talk with one of the friendly baristas.  Everyone working at Cable co. has a welcoming personality and a knack for making a great cup of coffee. Cable co. employees seem like they want to be there, which in turn, makes customers want to be there, too. You do not often see such positive attitudes in London restaurants.

Now, for the coffee. It’s outstanding. Cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites–whatever your poison, you will not be disappointed. Cable co. proudly serves and sells East London’s Climpson & Sons beans, which have a nutty smooth taste and aroma. The coffee is swirled with your choice of a very accommodating variety of dairy and non-dairy milks, and served   with a beautiful, thoughtful design. The snacks are good too. I had a flaky, buttery croissant and it made for a perfect mid-morning snack.

Climpson & Sons beans at Cable Co., London

There are many reasons to head up to Kensal Rise, as I have previously discussed and reviewed, but I can honestly say, Cable co. is at the very top. My husband believes they serve the best coffee in London. I say it’s close, but Coffee Plant may still be my number one. Either way, these are top honors from both of us, and we highly recommend you head to London’s northwest neighborhood and check Cable co. out. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

One good cup of coffee at Cable co., London

Cable co.
4 Bridge House
Chamberlayne Road
London NW10 3NR

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