Do! Marylebone Farmer’s Market

So, I’m ready for the weekend. Not because of any crazy plans or a big trip away (I’ve hit Bordeaux, Bath, and Dublin this month–I need a break), but because IT’S FALL!!! This is my absolute favorite time of year (even though I say that about every quarter) and nothing is better than a crisp, cozy weekend to wear a big sweater and laze about or wander around this great city. 

Welcome to the Marylebone Farmer’s Market

My ideal weekend will include cooking lots, watching some Gilmore Girls on Netflix with the cats (which the husband will probably avoid), having dinner out with a group of friends, and on Sunday, hitting the free morning yoga class at Marylebone’s Lululemon, and then walking down the street to the Marylebone Farmer’s Market to stock up on goodies and groceries for a home-cooked Sunday night meal. This final stop  of my chill weekend before heading home brings me to today’s Do! 

Fall flavors at the Marylebone Farmer’s Market, London

I love farmers markets. I come from a small town (the area Gilmore Girls is based on actually!), so local markets remind me of home and all the amazing flavors that vary from season to season. I am NOT a fan of the big London grocery stores, so I rely a lot on these special little markets to fill the void in day-to-day shopping. 

First and foremost, once I arrive at the market, I get a post-Yoga snack. Some days this looks like a juice and an apple, or maybe a coffee and a pain au chocolat, or other days I may take the super-savory route and get a plate of Gyoza. Whatever you’re in the mood for, the Marylebone Farmer’s Market will have something for you.

A tasty find at the Marylebone Farmer’s Market, London

Once I’m full, I start wandering the market for some take-home goodies. I always swear I’ll bring my car the next week because I ALWAYS overbuy. I never end up bringing it and curse constantly while telling myself it’s great exercise carrying three bags that include some pretty heavy squashes all the way back to Notting Hill.
Organic and fresh at the Marylebone Farmer’s Market, London

Fruits and veggies are heavy. But you’re not really going to find organic anything at Sainsbury’s and you’re definitely not going to find Spaghetti Squash of any kind, so stocking up is inevitable when you’re wandering around such a big, colorful selection of farmer’s stalls. In addition to apples, lettuces, and said squash, you’ll be able to get all sorts of grocery items. I stocked my freezer up with Italian sausage–a U.S. recipe staple but painful to find in the U.K. I usually grab some fancy local cheese for before dinner and some fresh bread for the cheese and the autumn soup I plan to make with all of my new veggies. Lastly, if there’s room in your grocery bags, throw in some jams or honeycomb to add to your cheese board or Christmas present stash. You’ll tick a lot of boxes at the Marylebone Farmer’s Market. It’s all such a treat! 

Of course, you’ll pay more than you would at Sainsbury’s, but to me, purchasing organic, local, and unique foods is money well spent! It’s also not the prettiest market (it’s backdrop is a parking lot), but it’s still worth a Sunday afternoon visit. Enjoy the Marylebone Farmer’s Market and all the tastes and colors this fall has to offer!
Marylebone Farmer’s Market 
Cramer Street Car Park
London W1U 4EW

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