Do! Big Easy

If you’ve been following my blog, you by now know that one of my biggest obsessions is good BBQ. On the hunt, once again, I found myself down on King’s Road in Chelsea at Big Easy. This southern joint was lively and tasty and definitely deserves a Do!

Big Easy in London’s Chelsea neighborhood

When I arrived, I couldn’t believe how busy and energetic the place was. As I waited for my friend to meet me, I watched date nights, family meals, and Happy Hours trail on. I got whiffs of amazing oversized meals and sizzling fajitas. I knew I had made the right choice for a fun, comforting weeknight dinner.

Even though the night’s special was tempting–all you can eat fajitas and a cocktail for £20–my girlfriend opted for the healthier choice of the shrimp Caesar salad and I stuck to my guns with BBQ. Our entrees arrived pretty quickly and, boy, were they impressive! London is the land of little shrimp, something I struggle with here, but my friend’s salad was topped with two of the largest I had ever seen. I was instantly jealous of a salad, imagine that! That was until they put down my platter. I had the ribs/BBQ chicken combo with a side of cornbread and the mac and cheese. 

Giant shrimp at London’s Big Easy!

At first I was disappointed with Big Easy’s BBQ menu. I mean for starters they didn’t have a pulled pork sandwich. That’s like the greatest sandwich of all time. Once I got over that issue (and their unaccomodating side substitution policy) I settled on my meal and turned out pretty happy.  The chicken portion was pointless. Not very moist or exciting, just plain chicken really. I should have just gotten the full rack of ribs. But the ribs were AMAZING! Literally falling right off the bone in a pretty tasty sauce. I had to ask for extra sauce and would have liked an option of a spicier one, but given how tough it is to find good BBQ in London, I’m giving them a pass. The mac and cheese was pretty delicious too. The icing on top was the very tasty corn muffin. They should totally change the name, though, because there was nothing reminiscent of a corn muffin about the bread, but it was good nevertheless. It was more like a buttermilk biscuit made with some corn. They should rename it a corn biscuit just so they are not being misleading.  But that’s just me being a critical BBQ-loving American.

A BIG plate of BBQ at BIG EASY, London

But anyway, I had a great time. Both my friend and I were pleased with the quality of the service and the food, as well as the drink and food portions. The price was right and we would both do it all over again. Head to King’s Road if you want a big and easy meal for any night of the week!

PS-Please get some decaf tea bags. It’s not like it expires. Thanks!!

Big Easy
332-334 King’s Road
London SW3 5UR

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