Do! Taqueria

A glimpse of Notting Hill’s Taqueria menu

Notting Hill’s Taqueria is an easy Mexican spot for a chill dinner any day of the week. It’s a no fuss eatery at a decent price point, and full of friendly servers bringing you delicious, flavorful small plates. 

The place is so uncomplicated that I don’t really need to take you through the good and bad of each restaurant building block. Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

I only have two complaints. The lighting is too bright and the ventilation isn’t doing its job. You don’t notice it when you’re in there, but once you leave, you smell. My sweater went to the cleaners and my jacket had been airing out for two days.  

Aside from those two little grievances, Taqueria is great. Their inventive drinks are top-notch and accompany any one of their spicy, rich, colorful, Mexican plates. We shared the Botana, a basic trio of dips and chips, but were blown away by the chorizo quesadilla we started with. Quesadillas at most of the London Mexican restaurants are all little dishes to get in multiples and share, FYI. In the US, you pictures one giant quesadilla as a starter for all. The price should give you an indication of what to expect, but if not, there you go.

After the powerful quesadilla, we went on to enjoy the rolled cheese tacos–basically browned cheese rolled up with tortillas and salsa–which everyone is sure to enjoy. My dad used to make a habit of cooking nothing but piles of cheese in a pan and waiting for the mess to spread and crisp up. He would surely enjoy this taco.

A little bit of this and that at Notting Hill’s Taqueria
Rolled cheese tacos at London’s Taqueria

Next were the roadside chicken tacos. These were probably the most powerful and seasoned of the dishes, and my husband’s favorite! I had to cut the intensity with a side of sour cream, but I thoroughly enjoyed my half of the plate.

Lastly, my favorite, the jalapeño tacos. Think jalapeño popper with a layered taco twist. I loved, loved, loved this dish.

The great jalapeño tacos at Taqueria, London

A couple drinks and a full dinner will run you about £60-70. In a neighborhood like Notting Hill, that’s not a bad bill for high quality food and a decent buzz. Next time you’re in the area, check out Taqueria for yourself. Reservations are advised. Enjoy! 
141-145 Westbourne Grove
London, W11 2RS

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