Do! Cahoots

Fun, fun, fun! This underground bar located in Soho’s Kingly Court is a definite must-do. Bookings are absolutely necessary, and get you right in to a 1940s time warp! The old tube station is quirky–filled with old memorabilia, fun music, and a costumed staff playing the part of cocktail servers frozen in time. 

The menu at Cahoots London

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking because I thought it too. This sounds so cheesy, so contrived, so touristy, etc. But trust me, it’s really a good time. There are certain aspects of Cahoots that keep it off the dreaded tourist trap list and, instead, make it a must-do destination for visitors and residents alike. This is what sets Cahoots apart:

The size and exclusivity. You really have to plan ahead to visit this bar. They’re not churning people in and out like it’s a Ruby Tuesday’s. It’s small, you get full attention from the staff, and they give you a full two hours which is fine considering it’s just for drinks. 

The staff. The staff is very well trained. They’ve perfected their roles and they put on a great show from the line to get in to the coat check on your way out. You can tell the establishment invests in a high caliber of employees. 

The cocktails. A place like Cahoots could probably be full every night and serve shit because it’s cool and different and you can find someone to nibble on whatever you’re selling if you market it right. Take the shitshow that’s the London Dungeon, for example. But, nope, Cahoots keeps it a cut above the rest, actually serving high end cocktails that are crafted with quality ingredients and precision. And the menu is HUGE. They have at least sixty different drinks on their fun newspaper menu that you can flip through, choose your poison, look at some silly ads and even work on a crossword!

Amazing cocktails at Cahoots, London

This formula that Cahoots follows has created a high level bar that’s worth a visit. Yes, they have a few snacks, but make sure this is a pre- or post-dinner stop. This is a great choice to kick off a fun Saturday night or to surprise some out-of-town guests with something unique. Enjoy Cahoots, their special  concoctions, and the impressive staff as soon as you can!

Cocktail hour at Cahoots, London

13 Kingly Court
London W1B 5PG

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