Do! Chin Chin Labs

You may think of “Cheers!” when you hear someone mention Chin Chin, but here in London, that phrase is not only an expression of good will before your beverage, but also refers to one of the best, most inventive ice cream parlors the city has to offer. 

Chin Chin Labs, Camden Locks

Chin Chin Labs is known for its “Nitro Ice Cream”–ice cream frozen on the spot with liquid nitrogen creating quite a display for patrons watching in awe. Chin Chin Labs limited menu features the specials and flavors of the moment, all of them delicious and customizable with an assortment of unique toppings. 

You’ll find Chin Chin Labs right in the heart of the Camden Market. Not my favorite location to have to brave on a busy, crowded Saturday, but well worth it, trust me. The line for Chin Chin moves pretty quickly. Once you’re towards the front, you get to peek at the menu and decide on your order. You may go back and forth a few times as everything sounds so delicious. 

Chin Chin’s menu, Camden Market

Once you’re up, the pressure is really on, though, as the staff works fast, churning people and ice cream out at record speeds. My husband went for the classic “Brown-wich”–the best-selling brownie ice cream sandwich with classic vanilla ice cream–but I went with something a little more decadent. I had the “Warmie”–a warm brownie sundae that I topped off with their torched marshmallow cream. It was amazing and just enough, although I was still extremely tempted by the hot chocolate when I left. 

An amazing treat from London’s Chin Chin Labs

The flavors were rich, presented beautifully, and in the right price range to make the lovely little experience affordable to all. I highly recommend a visit to the sweet spot for a fun afternoon out, or somewhere very unique to take guests that are on their throw-caution-to-the-wind vacation diets!

So, Chin Chin to some tasty ice cream and guilty pleasures over in Camden. Enjoy!

Chin Chin Labs 
49-50 Camden Lock Place
London NW1 8AF

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