Do! Borough Market

Spring is in full swing, and although we get are getting some chilly, cloudy days, there’s still plenty of sunshine to enjoy all of the open-air activities that London has to offer.  I decided to take advantage of the spring weather this past Saturday and headed to Borough Market. Just a short tube ride to Southwark’s London Bridge station can offer you a brilliant view of or visit to the shard and then one of the oldest food markets in London!

Borough Market entrance, London

It’s hard to imagine a market that could be older to rival their claim. At over 1000 years in Southwark, Borough Market brings together traders of fine and fresh wines, cheeses, produce, meats, fish and prepared foods. The full market is open Wednesday through Saturday. You could pop in for their lunch market only, open Mondays and Tuesdays, but you really need to experience the market in full swing. Saturdays are very crowded, but the energy is great. I like to hop into one of the pubs, like the The Market Porter, that spill out onto the street with happy drinkers.  After I’m nice and warm, relaxed, and have worked up an appetite, I wander the market.

I usually set out to get something for lunch, which typically ends with me filling up on endless samples of cheese. The cheese there is my favorite. Each stall is happy to give you tastes and education on the varieties. My favorite stall is The French Comte. A reasonably priced cheese and charcuterie booth that has a helpful staff and sells my favorite Mont d’Or Vacherin in its cute little box for only £10.00.

If you’re hungry for more than just cheese, Borough Market has every prepared food imaginable. Paella, cheeseburgers, pulled pork, empanadas, donuts, cannolis. I could go on and on. But, trust me, whatever your cravings are, Borough Market will fulfill them.

Once I’m reasonably full, I then shop for gourmet items to add to my pantry. Borough Market has many fine grocery traders, offering more samples to showcase their different olive oils, vinegars and spices. These items also make really nice gifts. Not everyone will buy themselves a £15.00 truffle-infused olive oil, but what a nice treat to have! Then, right before I head out, I pick up the fresh ingredients I need for dinner that night or the next. Nice produce, steaks, a baguette, and my Mont d’Or, and my day is complete! And what a great day, filled with fresh food, pints, snacks, samples, cheese, and fresh air! Enjoy all that Borough Market has to offer this spring in South London!

Neal’s Yard Dairy selection, Borough Market

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
London SE1 1TL

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