Do! Selfridges 

Selfridges is my favorite one-stop shop for all of my clothing, accessory, beauty, gifting, and houseware needs. The large, iconic department store, located on Oxford Street, in London, can be seen from a distance with its proud yellow flags waving in the wind.

I might have a slight addiction. I find myself there on most Sundays, but usually with a specific goal in mind. Two weeks ago it was to pick out suits for my husband, last week I needed new bath mats, and yesterday I needed to find a dress for a summer wedding. But I love it there because, whatever I set out to find, I am usually triumphant. 

Yesterday, I went in for a dress. Within four hours, I had found, purchased, and fitted that dress, dined with my girlfriends at Hemsley Hemsley, picked up a birthday gift for my brother, got new makeup from the Clinique counter, and purchased snacks for later in the Foodhall. Impressive, right?

There are so many diverse areas within Selfridges that makes an accomplished day like that possible. I recommend checking them all out, but let me just highlight some of my favorites.  If you start at the lower ground level, you can visit Muji–simple (and sometimes ingenious) products for everyday living, The Conran Shop–a gorgeous, modern mix of housewares, and the amazing liquor and wine shop. 

The ground floor is where you will find high-end jewelry and handbags, makeup, and the Foodhall. The Foodhall is a must-see area. While not as impressive as Harrod’s, there you can purchase amazing prepared foods or high-quality meats and produce, alongside many other grocery items. It’s also a great spot for some specialty gifts. You will also find a few more places to sit and eat when taking a break from shopping.

Lovely lemons at Selfridges
A rainbow of veggies at Selfridges

The first floor has the menswear, the second has designer womenswear and a variety of shoes, and the third has contemporary womenswear and the new Body Studio. This new area focuses on loungewear and exercise tools and attire. There is also a Hemsley Hemsley cafe within the Body Studio. This is where we had lunch during our latest shopping excursion. Hemsley Hemsley, an organic eatery, compliments the department’s healthy message, and was full of ladies lunching on vegetarian burgers and sipping cold-pressed juices. My girlfriends and I enjoyed a healthy, yet filling meal, that helped balance out our guilt for skipping Pilates and the horrible hangovers we were experiencing. 
Selfridges newest cafe, Hemsley Hemsley

Feta and bean burger at Hemsley Hemsley, Selfridges

Lastly, the fourth floor (home to the Christmas decorations in the winter) has some more houseware goodies, kids clothing and toys, and some more places to snack.  There’s even a Starbucks up there! As you can see, Selfridges really is a one-stop shop. And I didn’t even get into their new PSYCLE bike studio, the book shop, the technology department, sunglasses, additional cafes and restaurants. I would be typing for far too long and there would be nothing left to surprise you. So head to Selfridges and see for yourself why it is my favorite store in London. I might see you there this weekend since I know have a dress to pick up from their tailor. (See always another excuse to pull me back in.) Happy shopping!

400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB

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