Do! Brixton Village

For a unique London experience, head to Brixton to find one of London’s most diverse and Bohemian neighborhoods. Located in Lambeth, south of the river, Brixton is a hip, youthful area that attracts many visitors for one of its famed markets, Brixton Village. This breezy arcade, on the corner of Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road, includes a jumble of restaurants, food stalls, and goods for sale. The attraction houses 128 traders that offer everything from fresh raw fish, to wedding cakes, to handmade tapestries. It is nice to warm yourself with a coffee and wander through the aisles and eclectic shops or sit down and watch the market excitement from one of the little restaurants.

The colorful Brixton Village
My experience at Brixton Village was different than the day-to-day Notting Hill life–a breath of fresh air. The area is gritty and colorful, almost reminiscent of being on an island vacation. This is probably due to the neighborhoods long-standing Caribbean roots. The actual market is right next to the popular hipster scene, Pop Brixton, so the vibe all around is new and cool. Some areas of the market are a little darker and dirtier than others, so I felt myself clutching my belongings a little tighter, but overall, within the arcade, I found it safe and comfortable. I perused a few little shops while deciding on a place for lunch. The food choices seemed endless, but I was sold on the Senzala Creperie after noticing some healthy vegan options on their menu. I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, but during the week, I usually make it a goal to eat as healthy and lean as I can.  I usually fail miserably, but everyone needs goals, right?

Senzala Creperie was delicious! I had their vegan Rosa Squash crepe (but made it vegetarian by adding gorgonzola #yolo), which included a filling of tomato chutney, butternut squash, zucchini, red pepper confit, arugula, and almonds. It was reasonably priced, a giant portion, and oh so flavorful! I sat in the little window, enjoying the passer-bys, and sipping a cappuccino. It was a lovely restaurant experience with an unusual backdrop. I highly recommend it.

Cuteness inside Brixton Village’s Senzala Creperie

And I’m sure the other restaurants are just as adorable inside and delicious. If I had more time and a larger appetite, I would have stayed there all day, sampling all of the baked goods and cocktails, while getting lost in rows of housewares, clothing, meats, cheeses, and produce. It was enough time, however, to learn that the Brixton Village is a must-do for a very cool view of London.

A furry friend at Brixton Village, London

Brixton Village
Atlantic Road and Coldharbour Lane

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