Do! The Palomar

Neon signage at The Palomar, London
This Soho hotspot it is a must-do right this second. Seriously, you are missing out if you have yet to visit the hopping Israeli eatery. Bustling with trendy patrons and a helpful, well-dressed staff, The Palomar is the place to be any night of the week. It is pretty impossible to get a last-minute table, but that’s not where you want to be anyway. The Kitchen Bar is where it’s at. 

Cocktail menu at The Palomar, London
The Palomar’s open kitchen

The Kitchen Bar is a first-come, first-serve space, comprised of 16 stools that overlook the entire open kitchen. What’s usually referred to as “the back of the house” is right there in front of you, giving you a front row seat to a flawless performance of tossing, mixing, plating, and sautéing. It is amazing to watch the kitchen ongoings and the friendly and interactive chefs at work. They have a flavorful sharing menu, very similar to the cuisine at Nopi. It was such an experience to order a mix of salads, vegetables, meats, and desserts, have them prepared right before our eyes, and then placed in front of us by their own creators. 

And it wasn’t all smoke and mirrors. Those dishes were delicious. Our favorites were absolutely the Polenta Jerusalem Style and the Josperised Aubergine. I am still dreaming of those plates and am actively moving my schedule around to find a free evening to return to that beautiful bar! 

Dessert at The Palomar, London

Be aware, The Palomar experience is definitely a time commitment. The bar fills up so fast that a visit requires putting a name in early, and drinking and snacking for a couple hours down the street. It’s very doubtful that you will get to sneak in and grab a quick bite just before a show. But it makes for a long, fun, leisurely evening, that’s completely worth it. 

I highly recommend The Palomar to anyone and everyone. This Middle Eastern gem in the heart of Soho is beautiful, fun, trendy, classic, delicious, and every other positive adjective I can think of. Enjoy!
The Palomar
34 Rupert Street
London W1D 6DN

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