Do! The Electric Diner

Yes, please! I will gladly visit one of my favorite guilty pleasures any day of the week. The Electric Diner, on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, is a hip eatery and member of the Soho House family. Like its London siblings Chicken Shop, Pizza East, and The High Road, you can get comforting classics, in a casual yet trendy setting.

The Electric Diner, London

I love everything about The Electric Diner. Possibly because the food reminds me so much of home that it falls under one of my homesickness remedies. The place is American inspired (I mean it’s a diner, after all) with a lot of foods and verbiage you don’t hear in most English restaurants. 

The place itself is really cool. There’s a nice wooden bar facing into the restaurant scene, and then stools against the window to eat or drink facing out. In the summer, the large windows open up to give a great indoor/outdoor people-watching experience. The walls are covered with shiny, but worn, subway tiles, making the restaurant feel like a converted rail station. The ceilings are curved and low, giving it an unique, but cozy appearance. I love all of the touches in there, from the menu font to the light fixtures. They really did an amazing job keeping the place interesting without overdoing it.  

The menu is understated to match. Just your basic cheeseburgers, hot dogs, steak frites, and mac n cheese. The staples are mixed in with some interesting chicken and fish dishes, but overall, it’s an unpretentious, high-quality menu. The food is delicious. I always opt for the cheeseburger, because when I go there, I go with the intent of being bad, or the steak frites, because the bernaise sauce is to die for. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu. There’s something for everyone which makes it a great place to go on a date, out with friends, or with out-of-towners. Or, it’s just a great place go if you’re hungover, miss home, need grease and want to cap it off with a NY style cheesecake.

A guilty pleasure at The Electric Diner, London

If you’re visiting Portobello Road, stop by the Electric Diner and enjoy great ambiance, a cool youthful crowd, and flavorful food. It’s best to have a booking though, as the place is always packed. It’s no secret that The Electric Diner knows what they’re doing. Go see for yourself! 
Art at The Electric Diner, London

The Electric Diner
191 Portobello Road
London W11 2ED

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