Do! Granger

The Aussie hot spot chain, Granger, is a must-do and has a home right on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill. It is a great option for the patient soul willing to brave the sometimes not-so-favorable London elements and queue in their first-come, first-serve line. The restaurant is worth the wait, though, serving brunch hits in a chic, sunny setting.

The long wait for Granger, Notting Hill

The line is formed outside, so the wait, usually ranging from about 20 minutes to an hour–depending on your party size or time of day, can be pretty chilly and feel very long. But the wait kind of makes you appreciate the experience even more. Once you are on the edge of hypothermia and starvation, the host grants you access  into the land of warmth and ricotta pancakes, and you are so, so grateful.
The dessert counter at Granger, Notting Hill

The restaurant is beautiful. It’s bigger and brighter than a lot of London restaurants. Sunshine pours through the giant walls of windows, complimenting the cream and chartreuse hues against the warm wood ceiling. The light fixtures are very cool with a raw plaster look, and all of the artwork is clean and unique. Every aspect of the place is beautiful and they have an amazing menu to match. The food is the real reason Granger has a cult following, the decor and sharp staff are just added bonuses. 
An immunity shot at Granger, London

Granger is best known for its ricotta pancakes. The fluffy, moist cakes are covered with a honeycomb butter, maple syrup and served alongside bananas. They are a showstopper. I bring every visitor to Granger to taste the brunch hit, and numerous guests have said they are the best pancakes they have ever tasted. Bold statements for a bold dish.  Everything else on the menu is equally as delicious. There are fresh bellinis in beautiful glasses, expertly whipped eggs plated in a perfect spiral, English bacon with griddle designs, and healthy ginger immunity shots. Something for everyone with their mix of fresh-pressed juices, guilty pleasure sweets and full flavor English and Australian classics. 

I promise, a visit to Granger will not disappoint. Bring your mother, sister, boyfriend, best friend–whoever, just get there. It could be the perfect start to a spring weekend, a hangover cure, or a guest’s itinerary highlight. Head to Notting Hill’s Westbourne Grove, and enjoy!

Eggs and English bacon at Granger, Notting Hill

175 Westbourne Grove
London W11 2SB

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