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Next time you’re in East London and need to kill some time, head to Hatch. This hipster coffee shop has cozy lounge chairs and couches for lazy visits and casual catchups with friends, or erect chairs and hard surfaces for working meetings. Whatever you’re looking for, Hatch is there with wifi and good food and hot drinks to keep you going.

Hatch, Homerton, entryway
Hatch in Homerton, London

I stopped in Hatch with a colleague before a business meeting down the road. We had an hour to kill and stumbled upon the large quirky cafe. The outside of the building is bold and graffiti-esque, and despite the sign that said “closed”, we saw the open door and the long line as a sign that it was okay to come in. 

I ordered a cappuccino, which was an easy decision, but had a harder time deciding on a breakfast item. Everything looked really good. There were croissants, pastries, and cakes to choose from. I was torn between the lemon polenta cake and the vegan chocolate banana bread. I went with the banana bread and was pleased with the taste and the fact it came toasted with perfectly lined grill marks. 

And, the place is really cute inside. Arranged like the set of a 1950s play, the Hatch reminds me of the fake rooms on my elementary school auditorium stage. Quirky props thrown together because they were left in the theater area.  Voila, we have a kitchen, dining room, and entryway! But seriously, it’s a cute place. 

A cozy nook at Hatch, London

So, see for yourself and head to Hatch for a low-key break and a good coffee next time you are in Homerton. It won’t disappoint.
A specials menu at Hatch, London

Unit 62
Mackintosh Lane
London E9 6AB

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