Do! Porky’s BBQ

Porky’s BBQ in Camden

If you find yourself in Camden looking for a break from the market crowds and an actual table to sit while you enjoy a meal, walk across the street from Camden Market and find Porky’s BBQ. This Memphis-style BBQ joint speaks to my heart, making it another go-to for any time homesickness starts to set in. Porky’s BBQ cheers me right up, offering the American flavors I crave–sweet and tangy sauces coating slow-cooked, smoky meats. I just love it.

The interior of Porky’s BBQ, Camden

The Porky’s menu has a lot of variety. There are hot dogs, hamburgers, sides, and salads served up in classic versions or with creative twists. The Mac Porky, for example, is a pulled pork sandwich topped with bacon and mac and cheese. Amazing. But, in a pathetic effort to cut calories, I opted for “The Tangy” which was a sandwich of pulled pork, cheese, bacon, and a green chili slaw. It was delicious. The table BBQ sauces completed the sandwich giving perfect flavor to the tender, slow-cooked meat. I relaxed with my family, my sandwich, and a couple of old-fashioneds and watched the ongoings of Camden through the open glass doors that gave an outdoor feeling to our inside seat. It was a beautiful day and the sun and breeze poured into the restaurant and circled around us. We happily ate, drank, debated on who the old musicians were in the wall hangings (we had to google Bo Diddley), and chatted with the friendly staff.

Deliciousness at Porky’s BBQ, Camden

Our trip to Porky’s BBQ was just a great, low-key experience that was much needed after  the fast and crowded Camden Market. The breath of fresh air included great food, nice people, and the sights, sounds, and tastes of the America I miss so much! I can’t wait to try their other locations. Enjoy!



Porky’s BBQ
18 Chalk Farm Road
Camden NW1 8AG

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