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If you have an opportunity to see a show at London’s Southbank Centre, take it! Comprised of a few different buildings and areas, we ended up at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall, to see comedian Rob Delaney. He was absolutely hilarious, as per usual, so the only surprise to us was the quality of the venue. 

Modern seating at London’s Southbank Centre

We at first had no idea where we were going since there’s not really anyone at the door to direct you and so many things are going on at one time. They had a food fair outside, which made it hard to tell where the main entrance was. Once we chose a side door to enter through, we were faced with a little bit of everything. There were people everywhere. It seemed like a few art exhibits were going on, there were a couple restaurants, bars, a gift shop, people gathering to watch performances–maybe there was a band, I don’t know. There was a lot going on. We were very lost and once we stopped to look at a sign, it all clicked. Blue door, level G (or something) was clearly labeled on the signs just as it was on our tickets. Perhaps the Southbank Centre is not as confusing as it appeared. 

Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall
Once we knew where we were, we relaxed and took it all in. We got a couple drinks at the bar, used the clean restrooms, and wandered to our seats. The auditorium was small, so it felt like our last-minute £23 tickets were accidentally printed with premium seating. We had the first row in the second level, right in the center. Our view was great and we had a ton of leg room. The lighting and acoustics were perfect for the show, allowing is to see the comedians casual pacing and hear every last crude joke. The design of the space is really unique. It’s so refreshing to see a modern space after so long of the same old theaters here in London. The box seats look like the Senate seats seen in Star Wars. Next time I will book those, and there will definitely be a next time. I will also give myself more time to explore the art exhibits and the Southbank Centre store. There are so many surprising things to see and do under that one roof! Go check it all out in the young and artsy Southbank side of London!

Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

An art and history exhibit at Southbank’s Centre, London

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