Do! Tower Bridge Exhibition

This quick and cheap attraction comes with a wow factor well worth the £9 entry fee! If you have guests in town and time to kill, take them up to the top of Tower Bridge. 

A tower on London’s Tower Bridge
I like to walk over to the bridge along the South Bank first for great views of Shakespeare’s Globe, colorful pubs, the HMS Belfast, and City Hall. These sights are nice to stroll past and will lead right up to one side of Tower Bridge.

Once up the stairs and onto the bridge, you follow the signs for the Tower Bridge Exhibition. After purchasing a ticket you have the choice to take the lift or climb the 239 steps to the top level walking bridge. I never turn down the opportunity to exercise because I constantly feel guilty for my excessive drinking and indulgent meal choices. It was a nice little walk up–nothing as challenging as say the steep steps of Notre Dame, but I still felt accomplished afterwards. 

Once at the top, the quick journey through the two walkways (one over each side of traffic) begins. The main feature is the Tower Bridge Glass Floor. Each side of the attraction has a portion of the floor completely see-through to the traffic and river below. It’s fun to walk above the matchbox cars and sims below and makes for a pretty cool photo op. Too bad everyone else thinks so too, and you have to claim your own little spot amongst dozens of selfie sticks and people posing around and on the floor every which way. 

The Tower Bridge Exhibition knows that the quick photograph on the Glass Floor isn’t enough to justify the £9 entry fee, so they’ve also turned the wall space into a museum of the Tower Bridge construction and history, as well as information on other famous bridges from around the world. There are also some computer screens testing London and Tower Bridge trivia. In between all of the information and pictures you have the windows looking out to some of the most amazing views of London and the Thames. All of that for £9! 

View through Tower Bridge’s Glass Floor

Your guests will appreciate the experience, the floor, the views, all from London’s most stunning bridge! Once back on street level, I head north towards the beautiful Tower of London to give a different perspective of the bridge and London to my guests. Tower Bridge is the perfect U-Turn for a London tour. So add London’s Tower Bridge Exhibition to your next itinerary for an affordable way to show off your beautiful city. Have fun!

Tower Bridge Exhibition 
Tower Bridge Road
London SE1 2UP

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