Do! The Cow

Okay, now it is time for a Notting Hill favorite, The Cow! It’s really important to me that this blog focuses on all areas of London and many different activities. This is a lifestyle blog and my life includes more than just restaurants. I like to go to museums, shop, exercise, view incredible sites, and try pretty much everything once. With that said, you all seem to really like the restaurant posts, especially those in Notting Hill! So, here goes.

Butter game at The Cow, Notting Hill


The Cow is one of my favorite pubs in Notting Hill, and not just because David Beckham is known to pop in for a pint. I like it because it has a very traditional and cozy feel to it, almost like a Cheers. In reality, it’s not an old London pub. It’s not even on a corner and it opened in the 1990s. It’s just another brainchild of the successful restauranteur, Tom Conran.

Downstairs at The Cow, is a bustling bar friendly to dogs and all walks of life. There are small and large tables that can be pushed together any which way to squeeze in as many people as can fit. It makes for an informal, neighborhood feel, especially when you’re literally sitting on top of your neighbor.

Upstairs at The Cow is very different. They have a small, more formal dining area, complete with tablecloths and personal space. While this area is great for a special dinner, it really feels like you’re put into quarantine away from civilization in that room. For that reason, I always request a seat downstairs. It’s much more lively and exciting. My first date with my husband in London was actually at one of those little tables downstairs, and we didn’t need tablecloths or proper service to make it one of the most romantic seats in the house. Perhaps that’s why The Cow holds such a dear place in my heart.

Fresh seafood at The Cow, Notting Hill

The Cow’s warm goat cheese salad, London

It could also be because the food is really good. The British menu has something for everyone. Easy pub eats, like prawn cocktails, sausages and mash, and pot pies, as well as a more sophisticated fare. My last visit, I had the amazing warm goat cheese salad, and the pasta special that had crab and a little kick to it. Before that, our group began with one of the monstrous seafood towers. Everything was fresh and delicious. My family equally enjoyed their meals which is why I chose The Cow as a reliable choice to bring out-of-town guests. It’s also right across from The Westbourne, so I will usually start out the night there with a couple pints before wandering to the other side of the street.

Whether it’s a dinner to show your visitors the neighborhood, a first date, a mid-week catch-up, a Sunday roast, or a crazy St. Patrick’s Day venue, whatever you’re looking for, The Cow fits the bill. I’ve been for all of the above and it lead to happy people, full bellies, a marriage, and some blackouts. After all, isn’t that what life’s all about? I hope your visits to The Cow are as successful. Enjoy!

Pot pie at The Cow, London

The Cow
89 Westbourne Park Road
London W2 5QH

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