Do! Camden Market

The Camden Market is a fun and easy must-do in North London. Whether you’re getting there by tube, foot, car, or Jason’s Trip–the canal boat I have previously reviewed–you’re bound to have a nice time. Just try to avoid visiting the busy market during peak times, and you’ll do just fine.

Camden Market views, London
Open every day of the year, apart from Christmas, the Camden Market is one of London’s biggest attractions, with about 100,000 visitors each weekend. The market is a mix of food stalls, clothing and accessory shops, and restaurants set in a really different venue. The shops wrap around the unique setting of old railway viaducts, horse stables, and the Camden locks. This makes for a little bit of history in the mix of different cultures and goods. These mixed goods can get a little bit freaky, with some undertones of the grittier side of Camden. If you’re not into that, be prepared, but if you are, you can find your sex toys, gothic outfits, and voodoo dolls, all within one market. I find everything for sale there kind of junky, and aside from the time I bought ice cube trays shaped like handguns as a gag gift, I usually stay clear of purchasing anything other than food from the Camden Market.

I like to bring guests up to the market on a sunny Friday, following a nice little ride on Jason’s trip. There is plenty to look at, so the boat’s 11:15 arrival time allows for time to walk around while working up an appetite for lunch. If the weather is not so great, or the crowds are too severe, I will eat inside one of the tasty restaurants, such as Porky’s BBQ. Otherwise, I will grab something from any one of the many sweet or savory stalls. The Cereal Killer Cafe is also there, which makes for a fun experience or a munchies cure!

Pizza and lemonade at London’s Camden Market
So, whether you want a nice walk and interesting people watching, or a place to access every type of food under the sun, you can head to the Camden Market for a cheap but rewarding afternoon. Enjoy!

Scenes from Camden Market, London

Camden Market
54-56 Camden Lock Place
London NW1 8AF

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