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Well this is just a delightful little do! B Bakery’s Afternoon Tea sounds like a gimmick that could be nothing more than  a very overpriced tourist trap–I mean it’s an Afternoon Tea on a double-decker red bus, what’s more of a London stereotype than that? But in reality, it’s a special activity that is unique, fun, and appropriate for Londoners and foreigners alike. I was really, really impressed. After so many tourist trap nightmares like the London Dungeon, and even tea “don’ts” like the Ritz (!), it was nice to find something unusual the city has to offer that is actually at an appropriate price point and something I would recommend to others.

B Bakery’s bus has arrived, London

The bus itself is adorable. Just down from Trafalgar Square, you wait at a special bus stop for a vintage double-decker to barrel down the street. A girlfriend and I hopped  on the 12:30 tour and headed to the top level for our VIP reserved table. I really think we had the best seat in the house. There are about six tables on each level, and we had all the way at the front. A two seater booth and table with a full view of London! Sure the old bus didn’t provide the smoothest, quietest ride in the world, but we were happy to explore London in a whole new way.

Your bus as arrived! B Bakery, London

Each seat was stocked with an assortment of typical tea sandwiches and treats, as well as cutlery and a fresh squeezed orange juice. Once the bus was in motion, the most charming staff said their introductions, and began making their rounds for tea and coffee orders. 

The staff was made up of young, expat boys that were definitely not shy and had their little tour and comedic lines down pat. They included the group with a few questions regarding some of London’s big landmarks. I was extremely proud of myself, getting the most right against actual English people. If only I can carry such skills into my pub quiz nights! 

The best seat on the B Bakery Bus Tour, London

I had tea because you kind of have to, but my friend had coffee and we were both pleased. The drinks were served in plastic coffee tumblers that were illustrated with a B Bakery bus tour London design. The cute little sippy cups were ours to take home after the tour, which was a nice little treat. 

Speaking of treats, let me now tell you about the food. I thought the B Bakery did a fantastic job on this tour. Probably because the tour is put on by an actual bakery that makes and takes pride in their quality food. I liked everything from the savory sandwiches to the cakes and tarts. My only criticism is that the scones (my favorite part) get brought around at the very end after you stuffed yourself not thinking anything more is coming. I would include everything up front, but, at least they offer little boxes to package up your leftovers. Very thoughtful!

Tasty treats on the B Bakery Bus Tour, London

So, in summary, this tour is a must-do. Just remember, this is a must-do for your girlfriends, however. There was one male on our bus and while he may have enjoyed himself, my husband would have killed me. The colors, decor, food, and illustrations are definitely geared towards women. Spare your man. 

Other tips:

-Use the bathroom first. There’s not one on board.

-Bring your own booze! The ladies next to us brought a bottle of champagne that the servers happily poured for them in plastic flutes.

-Book early! This will get you a top-level VIP seat which is absolutely worth it and even necessary in my opinion.

-Remember, scones come later! Don’t overdo if.

-Have some change on you to tip the boys at the end. They’re worth it.

-Wear some nice and warm layers and accessories. The bus is very chilly but it’s hard to eat with a bulky coat!

That about sums up my experience on the B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. It’s a lovely little experience to try with the ladies in your life. The £60 is well worth this unique and tasty London adventure! Enjoy!
B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
No 8 Northumberland Avenur
Trafalgar Square

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  1. For a while we’ve said we must give the Afternoon Tea Bus a go but never got around to it. So, when we won Afternoon Tea for two at a social media meetup in January we were absolutely delighted! Getting to ride London’s iconic vintage Routemaster is a treat, to do it whilst eating tasty cake… awesome!! 😊 😋 😎

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