Do! The London Edition Lobby Bar

I’ll keep this “Do” short and sweet for you folks. If you’re looking for a sceney bar for a quick cocktail, waltz on in to The London Edition Hotel’s front Lobby Bar. 

The place is sexy and grand with a cocktail menu to match. Each drink is prepared with precision and pride. The talented bartenders know all the tricks–flipping bottles and pouring top-shelf liquids into glasses a few feet away from their shakers. When the drink finally gets to you, it tastes like magic. And, I think the price tag is just right for the effort and care that go into these libations. 

Cocktails at The London Edition’s Lobby Bar

An entertaining alcohol-free menu, The London Edition

The menu doesn’t disappoint, but does make it hard to choose! I even got a kick out of their non-alcoholic options. Go see for yourself. Whether you’re having a meal before or after at the Edition’s restaurant, Berner’s Tavern, or off site, the Lobby Bar is worth a quick stop in. Enjoy!

The London Edition
Lobby Bar
10 Berner’s Street
London W1T 3NP

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