Do! The Cross Keys

Everything about The Cross Keys is outstanding. If you haven’t been to the bustling Chelsea pub, get there, ASAP. The Cross Keys really defines the pub culture, welcoming all–the young, the old, families, dogs, your average joe, and even Prince Harry! It’s a pub for all with a menu everyone can get behind. 

The place is much larger than you would expect from the outside. You walk in to a cozy and crammed eating and drinking space, which at first can be intimidating, but once through the initial craziness, you make your way to a relaxed bar and a spacious dining room. The dining area is beautiful and very large in open compared to most London pubs. We arrived a little early and had to stand by the bar while they set up our table. And we were totally in the way. The poor servers and drink runners had to weave around our small group for a good ten minutes, yet they never showed a sign of irritation towards our group. Each time they walked by, they smiled and apologized. We were clearly in their service area, but that was just fine with them. They definitely get an A+ for great attitudes and “the customer is always right” mentalities. 

A menu from The Cross Keys pub, London

Once seated, we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and amazing entrees. We were coming from the Battersea Fireworks where we stuffed our faces with donuts, so we didn’t have room for appetizers or desserts, but in hindsight I wish I had saved myself for The Cross Keys’ fare. Everything was really and truly outstanding. I had the chicken entree and it was probably the most moist and flavorful piece of poultry I had ever devoured. The skin was perfectly crisp and the sides complimented the dish wonderfully. Our entire party was happy with the food and wine, making our night out a huge success.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner at The Cross Keys, London!

Friendly staff and quality food in a cozy, beautiful atmosphere makes The Cross Keys and absolute must-do! Can’t wait to go back!

The Cross Keys
1 Lawrence Street
London SW3 5NB

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