Do! The Design Museum

Are you looking for an inexpensive activity that does not eat up your entire day? If so, head to West London’s new Design Museum. A visit to the architecturally stunning museum, which relocated this year from the east, is a perfect afternoon stop. While the crowds can be a little more than the building can handle in its first couple weeks, it’s still nice to wander around a space that you can actually cover in one go. 

Modern design at London’s Design Museum

The building’s size is much grander than the content. At first, it seems like you would never be able to visit such a monstrosity in just a couple of hours, but once inside, you see that the building is comprised mainly of open space, and is really an exhibit in itself. The minimalist, raw vaulted ceiling, soft lighting and clean lines makes for one of the most beautiful modern designs in London. You can take it all in from the mezzanine level, then wander through the three or four free exhibits, have lunch in the cafe, or pay to visit one of their two featured attractions. 

Inside London’s Design Museum

The content is all design–fashion, architecture, furniture, graphic, and more! It’s fun, loud, and colorful, making it a family-friendly environment, complete with a creative drawing station for people of all ages to channel their inner designer. 

A human hair hoodie at London’s Design Museum

A few of our favorite things at London’s Design Museum

At the end of the experience, you can stop in both of the property’s gift shops–just in time for Christmas–to find fun, unusual gifts for all. 

I highly recommend a visit to London’s Design Museum to get in from the cold and explore the best of past and modern design. 
Design Museum
224-238 Kensington High Street
London W8 6AG

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