Do! Gelateria 3Bis-Notting Hill

In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I have to give a must-do to the closest thing to an American pastime I could find in Notting Hill–an almost ice cream parlor. 

Sure, it’s a bank holiday weekend here in London, but that basically means everyone gets out of dodge and a lot of restaurants are closed. In the US, however, there’s a true spirit to the weekend. There are parades, picnics, BBQs, uniforms of red, white and blue, and, of course, the must-have foods to celebrate the summer kick-off weekend. These foods include watermelon, hot dogs, burgers, pasta salads, American flag sheet cakes, and ice cream cones!

If you are like me, and feeling a little homesick missing out on all that good stuff above, head to the brand new Gelateria 3Bis to fill the Notting Hill ice cream cone void! 

A free taster at Gelateria 3Bis’s grand opening, Notting Hill
Gelateria 3Bis just opened on May 25th, and smartly offered free gelato to everyone for their grand opening afternoon. I went at the perfect time and only had to wait a few minutes to get my hands on a hazelnut gelato cone. It was absolutely delicious. Very sweet, so the small portion suited me just fine. But amazing how it took me right back to having my feet in the grass in New England and trying to catch the drips from the melting treat sliding down my cone. 

Gelato and ice cream are close enough to me to make this a true place to visit when I need to be taken back to my roots. I’m sure connoisseurs would be happy to argue the differences, but if you’re like me, looking for a sweet treat, head to Gelateria 3Bis! And, oh yeah, if someone could tell me how to pronounce their name, that’d be cool too. Enjoy and happy MDW/bank holiday!

Inside Notting Hill’s Gelateria 3Bis
Gelateria 3Bis
Portobello Road
Notting Hill

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