Do! John Lewis Gardening Society

Okay, it’s a Sunday afternoon, but you’ve been neglecting some errands because life got in the way, and now you find yourself on Oxford Street buying unglamorous items  on one of the nicest days of the year. What do you do for a quick escape from reality? You head to the John Lewis rooftop for their summer Gardening Society pop up!

The John Lewis Garden Rules, London

A private garden shed in the John Lewis Garden Society pop up

The Gardening Society pop up will make you absolutely forget you’re in a department store on one of London’s busiest streets. From the fifth floor you take a separate elevator to the rooftop with the help of friendly staff guiding the way. You emerge from what may as well have been a great glass elevator with how different the scene is at the top. The manicured terrace pays tribute to the Wimbledon gardens with classic logos and clean lettering, beautiful plants, and grassy walkways. All along this transformed space are walkways,  garden seats, small tables, private little sheds, a bar, and a restaurant. The experience is complete with a skyline view and, of course, sunshine!

We snagged a table within the pop up restaurant, Morty & Bob’s Cafe, where we relaxed in comfortable leather chairs at a breezy covered table. The helpful servers brought us a gooey grilled cheese, healthy avocado and crab on sourdough, and perfectly crisp truffle fries. The temporary eatery offers table service as well as the opportunity to walk up to the bar and kitchen counter and order food and drinks to take back to any garden seat. 

Inside the John Lewis Morty and Bob’s pop up

Cheesy goodness at Morty & Bob’s pop up, London

The low-key atmosphere was an absolute perfect break from the stresses of shopping…especially for my husband. I actually had visions of leaving the restaurant and stepping onto an island sidewalk because the Gardening Society really is such a nice escape. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and I was immediately assaulted by the Oxford Street crowds and the smell of diesel once I left my little oasis. The good news, however, is that the John Lewis rooftop garden will still be there the next time I have to head to the join the masses for a day of shopping. If you too need a break, take my word for it and check out The Gardening Society. Enjoy!
A modest reminder at John Lewis, London

The Gardening Society
John Lewis Roof Top Garden
300 Oxford Street
London W1C 1DX

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